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Sam Ashton-Booth, chef at Counter Culture

Meet Sam Ashton-Booth, chef at Counter Culture in Clapham – a true Stalwart to the core. What’s special about Counter Culture? The restaurant’s unique

Meet Jack’s Meat Shack

Who is Jacks Meat Shack?  Jacks meat shack is Jack Rowbottom, a pit-master that specialises in live fire demonstrations, events and creating content in

How To Choose A Bill Presenter For Your Business

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, every detail counts when it comes to creating a positive experience for your customers. One often

Marcel and Marjolein, owners of traditional bakery De Gebackerij

Meet Marcel and Marjolein, owners of traditional bakery De Gebackerij, with stores in Deurne and Nuenen, Holland – true Stalwarts to the core. What’s

Ben Tindale, vice captain for Team GB Butchery

Meet Ben Tindale, managing butcher @Shearerbutchers and vice-captain of Team GB Butchery. Who is Ben Tindale? I started working as a butcher at the

James Holberry, The Northern Dog Barber

Celebrate James the Stalwart with 10% off our entire website! Use voucher code northerndogbarber at checkout. Plus, for every order using the code, we’ll

Richard of Familyhomecook

Meet Richard of Familyhomecook – a true Stalwart to the core. What makes you a Stalwart? I like to think that I’m very durable

Benefits Of Choosing A Leather Apron

Leather aprons have been used for hundreds of years in a whole range of professions. It is an extremely versatile item that can be

Meet Rob from Stay Rooted BBQ

Tell us about yourself, and why you started stayrootedbbq? My name is Rob creator of stayrootedbbq. I have always had a passion for cooking

Jason Bellord of Cure & Baste

Meet Jason Bellord of Cure & Baste (@cureandbaste) – a true Stalwart to the core. What makes you a Stalwart? I’m a chef and

Dez Turland, PR chef for Saunton Sands Hotel

Meet Dez Turland, PR chef for Saunton Sands Hotel (part of Brends Hotels) in North Devon – a true Stalwart to the core. What

Festival Frenzy: Ignite Your BBQ Season Adventure with Us!

Festival Fun – Where to find us this summer… Ah, the summer season—the time when the air is filled with the irresistible aroma of
Lady of the Grapes owner Carole Bryon outside her restaurant with head chef.

Meet Carole Bryon from Lady of the Grapes

Tell us how Lady of the Grapes was created?  Opening my own wine bar had always been a dream of mine, but I pursued

Get Fired Up for BBQ Season!

Read our top tips to help you have the best BBQ season this year. BBQ season is here, and it’s time to unleash your

Bike Mechanic, Chris French-Drayton

Meet Chris French-Drayton, a true Stalwart’s to the core In what are you a Stalwart? I’ve worked in a senior sales & marketing capacity

Why A Leather Menu Cover Is The Best Choice For Businesses?

There are many reasons why leather menu covers can be the wisest choice for your: restaurant, cafe or eatery. This blog shall explore the

Hunter Gatherer Cooking – Alex Russon

Meet The man behind Hunter Gatherer Cooking, Alex Russon. A nomadic YouTuber supporting food and drink business with content creation. Made in Bristol. What makes

Unleash Your Culinary Passion at Taste of London: A Hilarious Adventure Filled with Leather Aprons!

Last year’s Taste of London festival brought the house down with an unforgettable showcase that left everyone in stitches.Our journey began with the much-anticipated

David and Anthony of Jin Talog

Meet David and Anthony of Jin Talog (jintalog.wales) ­– true Stalwarts to the core. What makes you Stalwarts? We distil Jin Talog, a hand-crafted

Meet King The Chef

Who is King the Chef? King the Chef is a professional chef who works to ensure that African cuisine is strongly and positively represented

Andrew Tuck, Head chef at St. Kew inn, Great British menu 2023

To celebrate Andi’s achievements at the Great British Menu, we will offer 10 % discount on our entire website! Use voucher code:  manoffire  For

Durable & Stylish: Why You Should Choose A Designer Apron

An apron is an essential everyday item that often goes unnoticed in our homes and businesses. It may be donned for a home cooking

Why the best butchers choose Stalwart Crafts

Between the 4th and the 10th of March 2024 we celebrated National Butchers Week. Here is why butchers choose Stalwart Crafts.

From Menu Covers To Placemats: Leather Restaurant Essentials

There is no question that it takes a lot to run a successful restaurant but we’re sure that you know the rewards are huge.

Review Stalwart Crafts Classic Leather Apron by Damian Turner

I like cooking, both in the kitchen and outside around a hot stove or BBQ, and most times I’m in my scruffs serving up
Silex BBQ - leather apron stalwart crafts (2)

BBQ Maker Patrice Guiraud,of SILEX BBQ SHAPER

Meet Patrice Guiraud, founder, and owner of SILEX BBQ SHAPER (@silex_bbq) – a true Stalwart to the core What do you do? I design

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Leather Butcher’s Apron

Though meat is readily available to buy nowadays in your local supermarket, butchers are still highly prominent in areas all around the country, with

Barbecue Hacks: Grill the Meat Right and Get Cooking

It’s that time of the year when the sun is shining bright and BBQ lovers are all set to huddle up in their backyards

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