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Catalogue 22, incl all samples

£13.00 inc. VAT (£10.83 excl. VAT)

Our new catalogue is practically an encyclopedia of everything Stalwart Crafts. Learn how we first got into leather aprons, and why we reckon they’re better than other alternatives; learn about fellow stalwarts, what they do, and why they kit themselves out with Stalwart Crafts Aprons; finally, have a look at our entire range of models and colours, including a sample of each leather type and colour so you can choose, with certainty, the apron that’ll be with you for life.

  • 44 pages of stories, people, and more pictures of leather aprons than you could ever hope for.

  • Genuine samples of each of our leather colours and types.

  • Discounts on accessories for your aprons.

We give Lifetime warranty on all our Stalwart products






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