Who is Jacks Meat Shack? 

Jacks meat shack is Jack Rowbottom, a pit-master that specialises in live fire demonstrations, events and creating content in and around all things bbq. I also have a bbq school in BBQ-land Hertfordshire.


When did you first fall in love with BBQing?

When I was in my teens, my mates and I used to love BBQing. We would pool our money and buy loads of food and cook no matter the weather. We would usually wait until there was a UFC event and all get together. 


What is your favourite food to cook?

I love cooking a steak – there’s nothing more satisfying than nailing a steak. Rest is the key to the perfect steak.

What made you want to set up the BBQ School? What does it entail and how can people get involved?

I had been hosting lots of BBQ demos with retailers. People always had so many questions about BBQing and how to do it. So I approached BBQland in Hitchin and together we launched the school early in 2022. We had plans to do it sooner, but the pandemic stopped that. We currently have a number of classes that are perfect for newcomers or experts who just want to come and try some new techniques and hang out in a BBQ paradise.

What makes you a Stalwart?

I managed to turn my hobby of BBQing into a career, it has not been easy and required lots of hard work and dedication.

What’s your favourite apron and why?

I really love the Cross-Strap Deluxe Apron you introduced me to. It’s really soft and not a colour I would have picked out myself!

What is your life’s motto?

Never give up, there’s always a solution to any problem.

If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

The euro-millions lottery numbers for this weeks draw are 10 17 20 35 40 03 04

What’s in the pipeline?

2024 will see me growing my content creation business Might Bear Media. I specialise in content creation for all aspects of outdoor living.
I am excited to be working with some really cool brands. 


If you want to find out more about what services Jack can offer with Jack’s Meat Shack, or indeed his BBQ School, check out his website – jacksmeatshack