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Hunter Gatherer Cooking – Alex Russon

Meet The man behind Hunter Gatherer Cooking, Alex Russon. A nomadic YouTuber supporting food and drink business with content creation. Made in Bristol.

What makes Hunter Gatherer Cooking a Stalwart?
I care about each business I work with and take the time to understand the people, process and hard work that goes into their products. I always try and capture the spark that the business is all about.

When did your passion for food start?

From about 18 onwards, before this, I was a big eater but not very adventurous, now I eat anything.

What’s in the pipeline for HGC?
More staycations in treehouses, shepherd’s huts, hotels and glamping sites. More fire cooking as the season starts. More businesses to showcase. Road trips to Scotland to collect a salmon. Obtaining my FAC for deer stalking. More BBQ content creation.

Why choose a Stalwart apron?
Quality and finish is amazing. The leather is so soft and the detailing ok the logo is amazing. You can customise so much and it’s a very personal experience. (Check out Alex’s choice)

What’s your life motto?
Whatever will be will be but keep an eye out for the moments that matter.

Alex has created some incredible content on his YouTube channel and you can certainly learn more about his passion for knowledge and trying to source good quality honest food. 

To quote his YouTube channel –

I am all about finding good quality honest food. Luckily, the modern person, doesn’t need to venture into the wilderness anymore.

So my take on ‘hunting’ down food is discovering where we can get our food from. It could be the supermarket, the farm shop or something we grow ourselves.

HUNTER: Whilst I would love for animals not to be killed, I do love meat. My compromise is that I try to only eat meat when I know it’s source, ideally that it is local to support local businesses but most importantly I know that the animals lived good lived and killed humanely. I try and avoid mass produced meat and ask about their sources when I am out and about.

GATHERER: The other side of this journey is around plants, fruit and veg that compliment the main dish. I believe that organic is the way forward but understand that this isn’t always accessible. 


You can check out the HGC website –> here

Or to have a look at some of Alex’s beautifully crafted videos on YouTube –> click here


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