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Want to become a wholesaler of Stalwart aprons?

We would love to include you in our passion of our authentic, quality aprons. We offer a full collection of high quality leather and denim aprons that are excellent for multiple purposes. Restaurants; hotels; butchers; barbers- you name it!

As well as our popular artisan aprons, we offer a range of original restaurant accessories, such as leather placemats, coasters, menu holders, napkin rings, cutlery holders and leather breadbaskets – all with generous margins.

What can you expect?

Quality Products
Stalwart products are made from skins of different types of bovines, which we have sourced and purchase ourselves in southern Europe. Skins of perfect and consistent quality that will stand the test of time.

Everything we make is completely handmade. This means all our products are created with the utmost care.

Generous Margins
You make decent money when selling our stalwart products as a wholesaler with generous margins on all our products.

Bespoke Branding
Boost your sales! For just £1.50 per apron we emboss your logo discreetly on the aprons. This way you’re aprons will not only look professional, but potential new customers in your area can see where they can order these high quality aprons!

Personal Service
We do our utmost to provide you with bespoke customer service. We can engrave or emboss the logo of your customer on the aprons for you and can even send it in neutral packaging or with a personalised message directly to your customer.

Fast Delivery
We are able to offer a rapid delivery service of as fast as one week, as we keep all our aprons in stock. Even big amounts like 1000 aprons can be manufactured and delivered in 5 weeks!

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