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Are leather aprons easy to clean?

Together with our local tannery, we have been developing our leather over the past 4 years. We can proudly say that we have created the perfect leather for the Stalwart Crafts aprons. Read more on how to clean and maintain your apron perfectly, so it will last you a lifetime.
Tips on cleaning & Maintaining your apron

Perfect thickness

We have been developing the perfect thickness and flexibility, not too stiff and heavy to wear but not too light and floppy either. To give it just the right balance that the Stalwart leather apron feels comfortable and is light and mobile to wear but still gives you the protection that a leather apron gives you against any sharp knives, corners, ember or fire.

Perfect coating

Not only is the leather very supple and light to wear, but the leather has also been treated with a waterproof coating which enriches the colour of our leather and gives it a little shine. This extra coating is impregnated in the leather and will not come off. Any liquid or dirt will just lay on top of the leather and will simply drip off making them very easy to clean and maintain.

Your Stalwart leather apron over the years

When you own your new Stalwart leather apron the looks and character of the apron is far from finished. When wearing the apron, you will notice that the apron will quickly soften up and it will start moulding to the shape of your body, creating more character day by day until it really becomes your apron.

Store your Stalwart leather apron

After a good day of using your apron, it is best to store it by hanging it on a hook. This does not only make the apron looks like an art piece in your kitchen, bar, atelier or workplace, it will maintain its natural shape and prevent it from getting any folding lines. Taking the apron on your journey? roll the apron from the bottom to the top. Do not fold the apron else you will get folding lines on your apron. if this happens the folding lines eventually will come out by itself. Alternatively, you can gently iron the backside of the leather to take out the folding lines.

Cleaning your stalwart leather apron

Because of its unique impregnated coating, the aprons are very easy to clean. Food, fat, wine, coffee or dirt can easily be removed with just a lukewarm cloth and a natural soap. A good natural soap to use is ordinary shampoo for your hair!

Do not spot clean the leather apron; always clean the entire surface. Do not use any hard chemicals like saddle soap, cleaning solvents, oils, furniture polishes, varnishes, abrasive cleaners, detergents, or ammonia on the leather apron. This will dissolve the coated protection layer making the leather sticky and cracked.

Try to avoid making the leather soaking wet and do not put the apron in the washing machine. If the leather is soaking wet let it dry naturally on room temperature, do not put the leather apron on a heat source to make it dry faster else the leather will dry out. Treat your leather apron well and it will last a lifetime.

Maintenance your stalwart leather apron.

We advise to treat your leather apron with our natural based leather conditioner and your apron will stay moist, supple and protected. Gently apply the leather conditioner once a month or after a thorough clean using a cloth or sponge. Leave it for 15 min so the leather can soak up the conditioner. Gently wipe the aprons with a clean cloth afterwards. This will keep your leather apron protected and ready for another day!

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