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Customer stories

Meet Carole Bryon from Lady of the Grapes

Tell us how Lady of the Grapes was created? 

Opening my own wine bar had always been a dream of mine, but I pursued a different career path. However, my passion for wine and food eventually became too strong to ignore. After a few years of going back to school to learn about wine and working in a wine shop, I finally decided to take the leap and make my dream a reality.


What made you choose to focus on natural and organic wines? 

Both my personal taste and my dedication toward a greener agriculture.

I do prefer wine and other agricultural products that’s made in a more eco-friendly way. This approach not only benefits the producers and the customers but also to the nurture, to the soil…

I don’t want to consume or serve chemically-treated wines or veggies and I firmly believe that organic and natural wines truly represent the terroir without chemical additives.

The fascinating flavours present in natural wines are unattainable through traditional winemaking methods.

When I drink organic or biodynamic wines made with minimal intervention, I know I’m getting a taste of the grapes and the place they come from, no added junk. It’s like a pure expression of a place.


It’s amazing that you have so many wines produced by women! Why is it important to you to have so many female winemakers showcased? 

When I started my career in the wine industry, I observed a significant disparity in the recognition given to women winemakers compared to their male counterparts.

When a couple has a domaine why often only the name of the man is on the bottles? I can guarantee that the woman is doing as much hard work and is actively devoted to the vineyard and winemaking process. 

Motivated by this perspective, I decided to take a different approach for the Lady of the Grapes wine list and aim to foster equality by rebalancing the representation and shining a spotlight on women winemakers.

There are 17.8% female winemakers in the world. I want to show they exist and what amazing wine they produce and why not show to women they can make wine a career if they want.


Where did your passion for wine come from? 

 I’m French and grew up in a family that’s all about food. Like, seriously, cooking with my mum has been my thing for as long as I can remember.

When I was old enough to taste wine I started playing around with wine pairing. It blew my mind how the combo of wine and food could create this whole new flavour. Experimenting with that was like my own little culinary adventure.

Then I started to learn in a more formal way about wine and I realise there is so much more to learn. It is fascinating to always discover new grape varieties, regions, etc. 


What does your portfolio of wine look like? 

It looks like a universe of possibility!

We have an ever evolving wine list, we have approximately 40 wines available by the glass and carafe, changing weekly and + 350 wines by the bottle. We try to cover as many regions, varieties and price points to make every palates happy. And we actively fosters a culture of exploration, encouraging our customers to experiment with different varieties and styles.


We loved designing these aprons – where did the inspiration for you come from?

We wanted aprons that embodied our brand identity, incorporating our signature colours and using materials, like cork. We wanted these aprons to fit with our DNA.


Why was a Stalwart Crafts Apron best suited for Lady of the Grapes?

We were after some top-quality aprons that would age well over time. Ones that we wouldn’t have to swap out every six months or so. Plus, they had to look awesome, and we had plenty of options to customise them to our liking. 

Additionally Stalwart Craft Apron are designed in the UK, they are manufactured in Europe and seemed to be a great option for us.


Is there anything in the pipeline for Lady of the Grapes?

Many projects, such as importing more wine produced by amazing women and why not expand the company too! We can’t say much more for now…


Do you have a motto you live by? 

Ahah! hard one!

Embrace the wild, be fair, support each other, and drink beautiful wine!


If you’re interested in visiting Lady of the Grapes, you can book via the website!

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