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Customer stories

Meet King The Chef

Who is King the Chef?
King the Chef is a professional chef who works to ensure that African cuisine is strongly and positively represented on the global culinary stage. To do this, he creates unique recipes which transform traditional African ingredients into delicious meals that everyone can enjoy.
What inspired you to become a chef?
I would say it started from my childhood. My dad rarely cooked but when he did, he did wonders. When I saw him cook, I was inspired and wanted to be like him.
However, I never actually intended to have a career as a chef; it sort of found me. I would always cook for family and friends when they came round and I knew then that I could do something with this.
What are your goals for your career?My goal is to see African cuisine on an equal footing with other global cuisines. It is currently underrepresented so I hope that with my cultural heritage, experience and skillset, I would be able to give our food the right representation.
What are your favourite ingredients to work with?Smoked paprika – I don’t leave the house without it. I also love coriander. Bay leaf is another favourite because it’s aromatic and goes well with sweet and savoury recipes. My absolute favourite, however, would have to be my oak smoked sea salt.
How do you handle stress and pressure in a kitchen environment?
Stress only comes with disorganisation. As long as the kitchen and the chefs working in the kitchen are organised, there is no need to stress. Mis en place; it’s key!
What’s it like working with celebrities?
Working with the likes of Idris Elba is great. It’s a two-way street where respect goes both ways. It is an honour to work with him because of the way he treats everyone.
You can read a fantastic article from The Metro about King’s time working with Idris Elba. 
What makes you a Stalwart?
I take pride in using and wearing high quality, bespoke and durable products while I’m in the kitchen. Stalwart Crafts is exactly this plus plenty comfort and style. My apron allows me to not only be the part but look the part, too.

What’s your life motto?

Don’t dim your light for anyone else.
You can find out more about King via his website–> Here

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