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Customer stories

BBQ Maker Patrice Guiraud,of SILEX BBQ SHAPER

Meet Patrice Guiraud, founder, and owner of SILEX BBQ SHAPER (@silex_bbq) – a true Stalwart to the core

What do you do?

I design and build BBQ Offset smokers

What is so great about it?

My BBQ Offset smoker is tailored and hand-made with passion and its French touch makes it one of a kind. The quality and generosity of the materials I use will guarantee you a long-lasting product for optimal cooking sessions.

Smoking in my BBQ Offset can make your dream mealcome true: it is the momentum of the barbecue lifestyle, being all about wood and fire while respecting food by using the ancestral cooking method of smoking.

How did you start?

I am a welder, passionate about outdoor cooking. I wanted to use my skills to create a unique cooking process that could be shared and enjoyed with friends and family.

What’s your life motto?

Friends and an offset barbecue, it’s smoking good

What do you think of the Stalwart apron you’re wearing?

Good damn quality. After hours of cutting, grinding and welding metal, my Stalwart apron is still good as new. Plus, it makes me feel bloody good looking!

Tips & tricks top 3of things you know as a skilled Stalwart but what everyone should know about.

  1. Create things with your hands, it is life changing
  2. Make them to last, people will know
  3. If it is blue smoke out of the chimney, you are on the right path


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