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Leather Aprons for homecooks

Elevate your BBQ with the Stalwart Look

Trusted by the best

Ignite Culinary Excellence with Stalwart Leather BBQ Aprons for Home Cooks!

Very comfortable to wear day in, day out

No washing costs

Gets better with age

Ultra-light leather

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Responsible sourced leather

Stainproof, easy to clean and maintain

Scratch resistant

Bespoke branding & customizations

Very comfortable to wear day in, day out
No washing costs
Gets better with age
Stainproof, easy to clean and maintain
Responsible sourced leather
Ultra-light leather
Scratch resistant
Bespoke branding & customizations

Crafted for home cooks who savor the art of BBQ and open fire cooking, our Stalwart Leather BBQ Aprons elevate your passion with unmatched style – no compromises, just culinary finesse! For 9 years, we’ve honed the perfect leather apron, seamlessly adjustable for your dynamic kitchen endeavors. Our design embraces you like a second skin, ensuring comfort and flexibility as you take the spotlight at dinner parties, or Barbecue gatherings. Sourced from the finest sustainably sourced European leather, our apron not only exudes a tasteful aesthetic but also evolves with you through the years. It molds and shapes to your body, becoming truly your apron for life. The coated leather ensures worry-free cooking – no need to fret about fat splashes. Simply wipe it down at the end of your cooking adventure, and it’s ready for another day of culinary mastery. Stalwart Leather BBQ Aprons transcend mere attire; they’re an essential partner in your culinary journey, stealing the spotlight as you create unforgettable moments. Elevate your cooking passion with a touch of gourmet professionalism. Choose Stalwart Crafts—a one-time investment eliminating the need for constant apron replacements. Choose Stalwart Crafts and show off your culinary prowess with enduring sophistication and unparalleled quality.

Aprons Specially Picked for Homecooks

Basic Leather BBQ Apron - Rustic

£139.00 incl. vat (£115.83 excl. vat)

XL Classic full grain leather bbq apron - Deluxe Leather

£199.00 incl. vat (£165.83 excl. vat)

XL Classic Leather apron BBQ - Rustic Leather

£175.00 incl. vat (£145.83 excl. vat)

BBQ Apron with Cross Straps - Rustic Leather

£169.00 incl. vat (£140.83 excl. vat)

Leather BBQ Knife Roll

£139.00 incl. vat (£115.83 excl. vat)

XL Deluxe Leather BBQ Apron - Cross Straps

£225.00 incl. vat (£187.50 excl. vat)

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Customer Reviews

Marcus Bawdon

I spend a lot of time bbqing year round, and find this apron hard-wearing and very comfortable to wear with the cross straps. The quality is excellent!

Jack’s Meat Shack

I really love the Cross-Strap Deluxe Apron you introduced me to. It’s really soft and not a colour I would have picked out myself!

Hunter gatherer cooking

Quality and finish is amazing. The leather is so soft and the detailing on the logo is amazing. You can customise so much and it’s a very personal experience.

King Enekeme

I take pride in using and wearing high quality, bespoke and durable products while I’m in the kitchen. Stalwart Crafts is exactly this plus plenty comfort and style. My apron allows me to not only be the part but look the part, too.

Pride in your food

Nothing quite beats the feeling watching the people you care about eating the food that you lovingly made. That can be a great barbecue on a gorgeous summer’s day, or at the dinner party you’ve hosted to bring together those friends you haven’t seen for ages. We’ve distilled that feeling into our handmade leather bbq aprons. Now you can look how you feel, and impress your loved ones before chopping a single piece of veg.

Dress like the Best

When we first started, it was all about BBQ. There’s something about leather that really adds to the aesthetic of fire, wood and meat. Just like your cooking since you first turned on an oven, we’ve gotten better, and now our range is worn by some of the best chefs around the world. The leather BBQ aprons we’ve curated on this page are worn by everyone from your favourite BBQ influencer to some of the most prestigious Michelin starred restaurants in the country. As anyone who has bought some high quality kitchenware, or chef knives can testify, cooking becomes so much more fun when you’ve got all the right gear.

Yours forever

Each and everyone leather BBQ apron we make, we make by hand, to order. They wipe down clean and are made to last a lifetime. We’ll even customise it with your name, or a pattern or image that resonates with you. Your apron only gains character and patina with age until it is completely unique to you.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best material for a BBQ apron?
There’s a multitude of choices when it comes to a cooking apron; cotton, kevlar, canvas, denim are a few.. All are viable, and all have their strengths and weaknesses. Leather is one of the few that have really stood the test of time. While a slightly heavier material, Its durability is incredible; It has natural heat proof and cut proof and water resistant properties, wipes down clean and lasts years upon years without need for replacement. Sure, it’s slightly more expensive but, as long as you go for a well reputed supplier with plenty of good reviews, you’re sure to find an apron for life that you’ll be chuffed with.
Why should I go for cross straps?
Cross straps are fantastic for wearing all day. They spread the weight of the apron across the back and shoulders as opposed to around the neck. The only downside is there’s a little more of a knack to getting them on and off. If you think you’re likely to be constantly taking your apron on and off, it’s a good idea to go for an apron with a neck strap instead.
Why should I go for rustic leather instead of deluxe?
Our Rustic leather aprons start out slightly stiffer, but after a couple of hours of wearing them, they soften up. If you routinely treat them with leather conditioner they’ll look great for years. If you don’t replenish the protective coating with conditioner, it’ll eventually weather aesthetically, gaining a suede-esque look over time. Go for Rustic if you want your apron to develop its own unique character; if you prefer a heftier, more traditional apron. If you want a BBQ leather apron that is more luxurious and smart, then go for Deluxe.
Where is our leather from?
At Stalwart Crafts, we use cowhides from end-of-life ex-dairy cows once they’ve been butchered for their meat. These skins are sent to one of our partner tanneries, either in the Netherlands (rustic) or Italy (deluxe), where they’re tanned, finished and given a special coating.
How should I clean my leather apron?
Get a warm damp cloth and wipe down the entire surface. If there’s any resistant stains, a dash of natural soap will do the job. Every now and again, give it a once over with our leather conditioner, as you would polish a pair of shoes. This’ll replenish the protective coating of the leather and give it back its lustre.
How should I store my leather apron?
Hanging it up is best, but if you’re storing it for a while and want it out of the way, you can avoid any stress marks by rolling the apron up from bottom to top.
Are leather aprons worth it?
Leather is an expensive material, especially when you’re comparing it to cotton, or other synthetic fabrics, so is it worth the investment? If we’re talking about how long you’ll own it, then absolutely. Stalwart Crafts leather aprons have a lifetime guarantee, which shows how long we count on them lasting. When you’re investing in something that you could potentially pass on as an heirloom paying more upfront no longer seems like a problem!
Is leather easy to clean?
Yes, our leather is impregnated with a patent coating, making our Deluxe leather scratch resistant and easy to clean as blood, fat or dirt will simply not get into the leather.
Is leather hygienic?
The same question was asked by a high-end supermarket in the UK who is using our leather aprons. They examined the aprons every day after use and brought swab samples to the lab for testing. After months of testing they never found traces of harmful bacteria. This is because we do not use ordinary leather offered by many other leather craftsmen, the leather we use is carefully selected for protection, flexibility and durability, as our Deluxe leather will not absorb any substance, it can easily be wiped clean with a cloth and natural soap.
Where does the leather come from?
At Stalwart Crafts, our premium Italian/Dutch leather is sourced from European dairy cows which, when the time comes, are butchered for their meat, leaving the hides as a by-product.
How does the branding process work?
Our most popular personalisation choice for individual aprons is to have the owner’s name laser etched into a metal tag at the top of the apron. It’s going to be their apron forever, so personalising it is a great way of making it all that more personal, especially if it’s a gift. If you want something a bit more stand out we have two other options: embossing and engraving. Engraving is where we burn your logo into the top layer of the leather before painting over it by hand. We’ve managed famous pieces of art before, so get creative! The only limitation is that it must be monochrome. This can be done for just the one apron. Embossing is a more traditional method where we create a metal stamp of your logo, heat it up, and press it into the leather creating a permanent imprint of your logo. This is more price effective than engraving for orders of 10 or more because there is an initial cost to create the metal stamp; once we’ve made a stamp of your logo, you won’t have to pay this again. After that, the only costs for repeat orders are the much smaller set-up cost and the per unit embossing costs.
Is there a discount for mulitple aprons?
The more aprons we produce in one go, the more the cost per unit goes down. Get in touch if you’re after 5 or more and we’ll give you the best price we can.
Will the branding fade?
We have professional chefs wearing the same branded aprons now, that they bought 7 years ago, with no issues. For homecooking, you’re not going to have any issues.
How long do leather aprons last?
Our Deluxe leather range is extremely abuse proof and will look as good as new year after year. It will gain a pattina like a high quality wallet or pair of shoes, but won’t degrade at all. This is the option if you want your staff’s aprons to continue to look close to identical over the years Our Rustic leather aprons start out slightly stiffer, but after a couple of hours of wearing them, they soften up. If you routinely treat them with leather conditioner they’ll look great for years. If you don’t replenish the protective coating with conditioner, it’ll eventually weather aesthetically, gaining a suede-esque look over time. Great for if you want your apron to develop a more individual rustic character. Essentially, when it comes to home use, the apron won’t be put through nearly the stress that it has been designed to cope with. If you buy one of our leather aprons, you’re never going to need another apron.
Does the apron come with any guarantees?
If any faults develop outside of general wear and tear, such as a clasp breaks or studs come loose, we will replace them free of charge for as long as you own the apron. That’s right, a lifetime guarantee.
What’s the ordering process?
For smaller orders, place your order through the website by adding your desired aprons to the basket and going through the checkout process. If you choose to have branded aprons, you’ll be prompted to attach your logo, or the text if it’s a metal tag. If you go for an engraving, after the order is paid for, our sales assistant will get in touch with a digital sample of your logo on the apron for you to approve or ask for amendments. Only once the design is confirmed will we proceed with the order. We make all the aprons from scratch by hand so expect to receive your aprons within 2-3 weeks.

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