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Leather BBQ Knife Roll

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The whole point of BBQing is you can do it wherever your heart desires. Back garden? Sure. On the Beach? Go for it. In the middle of the Alaskan Wilderness? Why not?

I can’t think of anything worse than being ready to grill far from home, when you realise all your knives are full and rusty because you didn’t pack them properly.

If you’re on the move, our BBQ knife roll will keep your knives organised, protected and pristine during transport.

We sat down with multiple food fanatics that we’ve worked with around the country, listened to their preferences and looked at their collections.


We went through a process of trialling multiple models out of various leather types, thickness, and flexibility and with numerous pocket formats and layouts.

The knife roll that we now offer is the result – we see it as the Goldilocks knife roll: not too big, not too small, but just right.

  • Coated premium leather

  • Scratch and stain-proof

  • 5 Large compartments for knives

  • 2 small compartments for pen or thermometers

  • Compact design for carrying around

  • Quick to unroll and easy to use

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Introducing the Ultimate BBQ Knife Roll – Handcrafted Leather


For grill masters who consider their knives sacred gear, we designed the premium Leather BBQ Knife Roll – the ultimate organizer to protect your live-fire arsenal.


Meticulously handcrafted from sustainably sourced leather, this knife roll keeps your barbecue blades pristine and at the ready for transport. Designed alongside champion pitmasters, it’s the ideal storage for those on the move.


The coated premium leather is treated to resist stains, splatters and mess. Reinforced sleeves securely hold knives without damage. Additional slots neatly store thermometers, paring knives or sharpening steels


Despite the ample storage, the slim roll easily packs into bags and cases, ready for competition or beach cookouts. Unfurl swiftly and start slicing brisket – no time wasted unpacking tools. Your most prized barbecue possessions have never been so organized and protected.


Sustainably Sourced Leather:

Premium ethical leather handcrafted in Europe.


Coated & Reinforced:


Treated leather resists stains. Reinforced sleeves protect blades.


Storage for Knives & Essentials:

Slots for knives, thermometers, sharpening steels and more


Slim Portable Design:


Compact even when loaded for easy transport.


Fast Access:

Unroll and begin slicing meats quickly. No unpacking needed.


Designed for Smoking Pros:

Materials, dimensions and details perfected for pitmasters.


Your blades are an extension of your mastery and passion. Treat them to the storage they deserve with our meticulously designed BBQ Knife Roll.


Reinforced sleeves keep knives secure yet protected. Unfurl to reveal slots for all the slicing, chopping, and cutting essentials needed to conquer the competition or feed the crew.


Designed through countless prototypes and input from champion pitmasters. Every detail crafted to meet the needs of grillers on the move who settle for nothing but the best.


Once unrolled, get slicing swiftly thanks to the intuitive layout. No time wasted unpacking knives or searching for favorites. Just unfurl and start carving up masterfully smoked meats.


Sustainably sourced premium leather develops a rich patina but withstands intense heat and mess. Handcrafted in Europe, it’s built from quality materials to handle life on the road or in the backyard.


Treat your treasured barbecue blades and tools to the storage they deserve – slide into the handcrafted Leather BBQ Knife Roll.

Dimension leather knife / tool roll Outer dimensions: 51 cm wide x 45 cm long Knife slot 1: 7 cm x 45 cm Knife slot 2: 7 cm x 45 cm Knifeslot 3: 6 cm x 45 cm Steel slot: 5 cm x 45 cm Small knife slot: 4 x 45 cm Pincer/ pen slot: 2.5 cm x 45 cm


Additional information

Dimensions 51 × 45 cm

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