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Leather Aprons for blacksmiths

Elevate your blacksmith shop with the Stalwart Look

Trusted by the best

Forge Excellence with Stalwart Leather Aprons!

Very comfortable to wear day in, day out

No washing costs

Gets better with age

Ultra-light leather

Responsible sourced leather

Stainproof, easy to clean and maintain

Scratch resistant

Bespoke branding & customizations

Very comfortable to wear day in, day out
No washing costs
Gets better with age
Stainproof, easy to clean and maintain
Responsible sourced leather
Ultra-light leather
Scratch resistant
Bespoke branding & customizations

Why settle for the ordinary when you can embody professionalism and master craftsmanship? Our Stalwart Crafts Leather Aprons are tailor-made for blacksmiths, offering unmatched durability and style – no strings attached!

There are plenty of tanneries around Europe, but we had a very strict criteria; high quality, but sustainably produced; light to wear, but durable enough to last; fire resistant, and wipe-down clean.

For 9 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to perfecting the ideal apron, ensuring it’s not just comfortable but also effortlessly adjustable for the demands of blacksmithing. From small to XL, our design fits like a second skin, providing comfort and flexibility.

It’s not just an apron; it’s a shield, protecting you like a second skin throughout your demanding workday.

A Stalwart Apron is not just a piece of equipment but a companion for life, there every step of the way as you forge your new ideas. Enhance your brand image with a statement of professionalism for you and your team.

Choose Stalwart Crafts for a one-time investment, eliminating the need for constant replacements or additional washing costs. Choose Stalwart Crafts and move your craft forward with enduring sophistication and unmatched heat resistance.

Aprons Specially Picked for your blacksmith shop

Classic Leather Blacksmith Apron - Rustic

£149.99 incl. vat (£124.99 excl. vat)

Blacksmith Apron with Cross Straps - Rustic Leather

£169.00 incl. vat (£140.83 excl. vat)

Leather Blacksmith Pouch

£45.00 incl. vat (£37.50 excl. vat)

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Customer Reviews



One occupational hazard of blacksmithing is fire…the Stalwart apron solves this by protecting me from sparks and scale! I love having a well crafted product that I can be proud to wear everyday. My workshop is filled with high quality tools that last a lifetime, I follow the motto; buy once – cry once. You will not be disappointed with your purchase!

Lesley Tollyfield

I purchased an apron for my daughter, who is a silversmith, as a birthday gift . She needed one that had shoulder straps rather than the neck strap and these aprons fit the bill. Great choice of styles and colours with good quality leather. She wears it all the time in her workshop and looks the part when she is at a show. Easy to navigate the site and a fast delivery. Good price and happy to find a leather apron supplier in the UK.

L Tyler

Got a leather apron for my partner for his blacksmithing. It is high quality and looks like it will last for many years to come. Very pleased!


What do you think of the Stalwart apron you’re wearing?

Good damn quality. After hours of cutting, grinding and welding metal, my Stalwart apron is still good as new. Plus, it makes me feel bloody good looking!


Professional Look

The workshop and the forge are both unforgiving places. Flying sparks and lemel, plenty of machines to get loose clothing caught in. It pays to be prepared, but why sacrifice fashion for safety? Not only will the blacksmith leather apron collection we’ve curated on this page protect you while working, you’ll look fantastic if you’re client facing or, at the very least, look incredible in your social media content welding away or striking the anvil.

Pride your craft

Nothing quite conjures the image of a blacksmith to mind like a blacksmith leather apron. There’s a reason for that. Metalworkers appreciate good quality craftsmanship; they put their aprons through intense heat and work, so they need something dependable and long lasting. Our blacksmith leather apron couldn’t symbolise blacksmiths better. Made lovingly by hand, a great modern twist despite being around for millenia; adaptable, dependable and here to stay.

Workwear for all artisans

Our blacksmith leather apron isn’t just for blacksmithing. We count woodworkers, luthiers and jewellers among our customers. Anytime you want protection you can count on these aprons. Once you’re done, give them a wipe down with a damp cloth and your apron will be ready for the next session. Wear an apron made with a passion that matches the passion you have for your craft.

Frequently asked Questions

Are leather aprons worth it?
Leather is an expensive material, but absolutely essential as protection for blacksmiths If we’re talking about how long it last, then absolutely. Leather has been used to make blacksmiths’ aprons for millenia for a reason. It’s heatproof, and sturdy enough to stop any flying lemel or sparks.The fact that you can wipe it down after a session in the forge is a great plus as well.
Is leather easy to clean?
Yes, our leather is impregnated with a patent coating, making our leather scratch resistant and easy to clean as blood, fat or dirt will simply not get into the leather.
Where does the leather come from?
At Stalwart Crafts, our premium Italian leather is sourced from European dairy cows which, when the time comes, are butchered for their meat, leaving the hides as a by-product. It’s our way of trying to be as sustainable as possible, while still getting to work with such a great material.
How does the branding process work?
We have two main branding options: embossing and engraving Engraving is where we burn your logo into the top layer of the leather before painting over it by hand. Embossing is a more traditional method where we create a metal stamp of your logo, heat it up, and press it into the leather creating a permanent imprint of your logo. This is more price effective than engraving for orders of 10 or more because there is an initial cost to create the metal stamp; once we’ve made a stamp of your logo, you won’t have to pay this again. After that, the only costs for repeat orders are the much smaller set-up cost and the per unit embossing costs. The other customisation options we offer are a personalised metal tag engraving at the top of the apron or engraving the towel strap on the waist of our aprons
Is there a discount for mulitple aprons?
The more aprons we produce in one go, the more the cost per unit goes down. Get in touch if you’re after 5 or more and we’ll give you the best price we can.
Will the branding fade?
We have customers wearing the same branded aprons now, that they bought 7 years ago, with no issues. The main advice we can give is if you’re expecting to put the aprons through a lot of work, keep the branding on the chest, where it’s less likely to be rubbed against work surfaces, which may cause the branding to fade over time.
How many blacksmith leather aprons do I need?
One apron per person is plenty. The aprons wipe down clean, so it’s good to go shift after shift without waiting for a laundry service. This also means workers don’t need to take them home - stopping any from going missing.
How will the apron look after a year of wear, or longer?
Our Deluxe leather range is extremely abuse proof and will look as good as new year after year. It will gain a pattina like a high quality wallet or pair of shoes, but won’t degrade at all. This is the option if you want your staff’s aprons to continue to look close to identical over the years Our Rustic leather aprons start out slightly stiffer, but after a couple of hours of wearing them, they soften up. If you routinely treat them with leather conditioner they’ll look great for years. If you don’t replenish the protective coating with conditioner, it’ll eventually weather aesthetically, gaining a suede-esque look over time. Great for if you want your aprons to develop a more individual rustic character. Rustic works great for steak houses or open fire restaurants.
Does the apron come with any guarantees?
If any faults develop outside of general wear and tear, such as a clasp breaks or studs come loose, we will replace them free of charge for as long as you own the apron.
What’s the ordering process?
For smaller orders, place your order through the website by adding your desired aprons to the basket and going through the checkout process. If you choose to have branded aprons, you’ll be prompted to attach your logo, or the text if it’s a metal tag. If you go for an engraving, after the order is paid for, our sales assistant will get in touch with a digital sample of your logo on the apron for you to approve or ask for amendments. Only once the design is confirmed will we proceed with the order. We make all the aprons from scratch by hand so expect to receive your aprons within 2-3 weeks.
How to wash blacksmith leather aprons made of leather?
Get a warm damp cloth and wipe down the entire surface. If there’s any resistant stains, a dash of natural soap will do the job. Every now and again, give it a once over with our leather conditioner, as you would polish a pair of shoes. This’ll replenish the protective coating of the leather and give it back its lustre.
What type of aprons do you use for blacksmithing?
The answer to this varies on the style and preference of the smithy! Generally it’s a full length with cross straps, as it hold the apron against you better, and there’s no straps on the front to get caught in a lathe or other machinery. Rustic leather is sturdier but will pick up marks in the forge over time, whereas deluxe feels thinner and lighter, but is surprisingly effective protection, especially for less hefty jobs like welding or soldering.

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