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Please bear in mind that, in our Rustic collection, aprons in the lighter-coloured leather will alter and fade with normal day-to-day staining and wear, while the darker Brown leather will not change colour as noticeably. It does not effect the quality of the leather, and a lot of people love the change in patina. This is good to know while making your choice from the Rus- tic collection.

However, the aprons in our Deluxe full-grain leather collection will not alter and fade with day-to-day wear. So, if you prefer a lighter coloured apron and it is going to get stained, the Deluxe apron collection is the one to go for.

Jack the ripper leather

Our Jack The Ripper leather has a unique vintage look and feel, thanks to the special treatment it receives at our local tannery. The leather is produced with a two-colour pattern effect; the base of the leather is red and has a black top layer, resulting in a beautiful dark mottled finish with the red showing through.

However, please note that be- cause this leather has an open structure, it is not suitable for excessive staining on a day-to- day basis. The Jack The Ripper leather aprons are great for front-of-house and jobs, where minimum staining occurs.

Rustic leather

These leather aprons are a homage to the rustic, traditional aprons of times past.

A thicker, sturdier apron with deep, bold colouring. The leather is sustainably sourced from ex-dairy cow hides, and tanned in our local tannery in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, before being treated with a coated layer for extra protection against fats, oils, grease, and stains – making the aprons easier to clean and maintain. Over time, these leather aprons will become supple and soft; the apron will mold to your body and the leather will start to form its unique character. The more you love your apron, the more you use it, the more individual it’ll become. Resilient and strong, our rustic collection will offer you an apron you can count on.

Brown cross strap leather apron


Years of experimentation and improvement has let to our top of the range leather apron collection; these aprons tick every single box.

The premium full grain leather that we use is the best you can find. It is light and comfortable, yet durable and low maintenance; it is strong enough for butchery and crafts, yet suave and stylish enough for front of house uniform. The rich colour of our deluxe leather won’t fade after years of service, and the patina of the apron will improve and become more unique over time. Even the most neglectful owner, who leaves it crumpled in a corner or refuses to clean it for a month, will find it bounces back to its original lustre with a modicum of TLC. This is an apron you can count on, time and time again – but don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our wearers, and decide for yourself.

deluxe leather aprons stalwart crafts
Durability / Maintenance
Flexibility and Comfort
Easy to clean


Oxblood –
Jack the Ripper



Rustic Brown

Durability / Maintenance
Flexibility and Comfort
Easy to clean

Deluxe Black

Deluxe Marine Blue

Deluxe Brown

Xl leather apron wit h cross straps

Deluxe Red 

Belt Leather

Deluxe Green

Deluxe Grey

Why Stalwart leather aprons?

our values

  1. A product designed to last a lifetime.
  2. Made using only sustainably sourced
    raw materials.
  3. Lovingly crafted by hand.
  4. Giving you the best there is for you and the environment.

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