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Basic Leather BBQ Apron – Rustic

£139.00 inc. VAT (£115.83 excl. VAT)

Compromising in price does not mean compromising in quality.
The Basic Leather BBQ apron is made from the same quality leather as our rustic Stalwart collection.
The difference is that we make this apron out of 3 parts that are stitched together, instead of just one piece of leather.
Meaning we can use up our smaller pieces of leather and have fewer off cuts.

Same leather, same durability, better for the environment, better for your pocket!

  • Unisex – adjustable from S to XL

  • Adjustable leather neck strap with buckle

  • Comfortable leather neck patch

  • Adjustable leather hip strap with buckle

  • leather Towelstrap (additional pouch can be added)

  • Side pocket

Available in colour: Whiskey

Metal name tag

Engrave logo on apron (business)

Additional products

Keep your apron in top condition by adding a pot of Stalwart Crafts Leather Conditioner.

Add a tailored carrying bag to your order, ideal for gifts or taking your apron to your next adventure!

Need more storage? This pouch can be attached on and off the towel strap of your apron.

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Introducing Our Basic Leather BBQ Apron – Rugged Value

For grillers and backyard chefs seeking quality leather style on a budget, we present the Basic Leather BBQ Apron. This ruggedly handsome apron delivers premium protection and convenience without the premium price tag.

Crafted from the same high quality, sustainably sourced leather as our classic apron, the Basic BBQ Apron comprises three interlocking pieces for reduced waste. Heavy duty stitching beautifully joins the parts into one cohesive leather BBQ apron built to last.

Adjustable leather straps allow you to customize the fit around your neck, shoulders and waist for full coverage during grilling sessions. A roomy side pocket holds essential grilling tools right within reach.

Despite the lower price, there’s no compromise in quality. The same water-resistant leather withstands intense grill heat, sauce splatters and messy prep. Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth for effortless care.

Adjustable Fit:
Customizable leather straps tailor the fit around neck, shoulders & waist.

Premium Materials:
Full grain leather is specially tanned for soft feel yet rugged durability.

Handy Side Pocket:
Keep tongs, grill brush and other BBQ tools close at hand.

Budget-Friendly Price:
Great value leather BBQ apron alternative without compromising quality.

Easy Cleaning & Care:
Just wipe down the durable leather with a damp cloth to clean. Hosting a garden party? Spruce your apron up with our beeswax leather conditioner and people will admire it’s lustre.

This Basic Leather BBQ Apron proves you don’t need to sacrifice quality or functionality just to save money. Specially tanned full grain leather provides a soft broken-in feel yet rugged stain and splatter resistance.

The convenient side pocket holds grilling necessities close at hand. Adjustable straps ensure a custom fit for your frame. Once seasoned by smoke and sauce, the leather develops a rich patina telling the story of your BBQ adventures.

Our eco-friendly design minimizes leather waste by interlocking three pieces with heavy duty stitching. The result is premium protection and style with everyday affordability.

Take your grilling game to the next level without straining your budget. The Basic Leather BBQ Apron delivers rugged quality, convenience and custom comfort to backyard chefs everywhere.


Additional information

Weight 0.675 kg
Dimensions 86 × 64 × 0.25 cm



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