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XL Deluxe Leather BBQ Apron – Cross Straps

£225.00 incl. VAT
inc. VAT (£187.50 excl. VAT)

You’re currently looking at the closest thing we sell to a full leather suit of armour: the XL mens leather BBQ apron; even more leather, even more protection from fire, fat, grease and sauce. The main difference is a suit of armour doesn’t feel nearly as good to wear!

  • Unisex, one size fits all

  • Easy-use waist straps and neck-strap: put on and take off the apron in seconds

  • Extra storage with a big front pocket which has two openings

  • Possibility to attach our leather pouch

  • 4 extra buckles on straps for better adjustment

  • Includes a large front pocket

  • Made extra wide for full protection

  • Create your own personalised apron

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Keep your apron in top condition by adding a pot of Stalwart Crafts Leather Conditioner.

Add a tailored carrying bag to your order, ideal for gifts or taking your apron to your next adventure!

Need more storage? This pouch can be attached on and off the towel strap of your apron.


The Ultimate Mens Leather BBQ Apron – XL Deluxe with Cross Straps

Calling all grill masters, backyard barbecue bosses, and smoking enthusiasts – we designed the XL Deluxe Mens Leather BBQ Apron just for you. This rugged beauty provides max coverage, comfort and convenience to tackle all your live-fire cooking pursuits. It’s more than just an apron, it’s body armour for dedicated pitmasters.

This extra wide mens leather BBQ apron offers fuller protection thanks to the additional material wrapping around your torso. Despite the XL label, adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit.

Thick cross straps with four adjustable buckles ensure serious shift-long comfort. A back brace prevents fatigue so you can smoke meats for hours on end in total comfort. Easily put on and take off this mens leather BBQ apron using the convenient quick release clasps.

A roomy front pocket equipped with two openings provides abundant space for your barbecue essentials – sauces, rubs, tools, etc. You can also attach our Leather Pouch for even more customized storage options.

This mens leather BBQ apron features our Rustic leather that nods to classic barbecue tradition. The hearty hide gains character as it lives the smoky barbecue lifestyle right alongside you. Sustainably sourced and specially treated to perform in the grilling arena.

Fuller Protective Coverage: The XL dimensions provide enhanced shielding from drips and splatters.

Fully Customizable Fit: Dial in the perfect personalized fit with multiple adjustable straps.

Heavy-Duty Cross Straps:
Serious comfort with thick straps and back brace to prevent fatigue.

Quick Release Clasps: Swiftly put on and remove this mens leather BBQ apron as needed.

Abundant Storage Options: Room for all your grilling gadgets and tools in the pockets and pouches.

Rugged Barbecue Leather: Classic rustic leather gains character as it cooks and smokes alongside you.

Take your live-fire cooking prowess to the next level with a mens leather BBQ apron specially created for pitmasters like you. Feel the difference ultra-comfort and max protection make when you’re in the grilling zone for hours.

From the multiple adjustable straps to the quick release clasps and convenient storage, every detail is designed to make you more effective behind the grill. Once you get the customized fit dialled in, this rugged apron moves seamlessly with your barbecue arts.

The thick durable leather can withstand even the messiest, sauciest grill sessions. Yet it retains a supple softness against the body with a handsome patina that tells the tale of your smoking stories and victories.

Whether smoking brisket for the neighbourhood or saucing ribs at a competition, the XL Deluxe Mens Leather BBQ Apron has got your back and your front covered. No need to sacrifice comfort or cleanliness for your craft.

Your apron is more than a uniform – it’s a badge of honour amongst the smoky brotherhood. Slip into this handcrafted heirloom-quality leather and level up your live-fire legacy.


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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 86 × 79 × 0.3 cm

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