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Leather Aprons for barbers

Elevate your barber shop with the Stalwart Look

Trusted by the best

Revamp Your Barber Aesthetic with a Stalwart Barbers Apron!

Very comfortable to wear day in, day out

No washing costs

Gets better with age

Ultra-light leather

Responsible sourced leather

Stainproof, easy to clean and maintain

Scratch resistant

Bespoke branding & customizations

Very comfortable to wear day in, day out
No washing costs
Gets better with age
Stainproof, easy to clean and maintain
Responsible sourced leather
Ultra-light leather
Scratch resistant
Bespoke branding & customizations

Tailored for barbers who crave excellence, our Stalwart Leather Barbers Aprons redefine comfort and style – no gimmicks, just pure finesse!

For 9 years, we’ve meticulously crafted the quintessential apron, flawlessly adjustable to meet your dynamic styling needs. Our design seamlessly hugs like a second skin, delivering unparalleled comfort and flexibility.

Sourced from the crème de la crème of sustainably sourced European leather, our apron stands up to the hustle of a bustling barbershop. It’s not merely an apron; it’s a style accomplice, embodying your commitment to excellence with every precise cut.

A Stalwart Barbers Apron transcends mere equipment; it’s a lifelong confidant, there with you as you artfully craft distinctive styles. Elevate your brand with a touch of sartorial professionalism.

Choose Stalwart Crafts – a one-time investment with no washing or replacements necessary. Choose Stalwart Crafts and imbue your barbers with enduring sophistication and unparalleled quality.

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Customer Reviews

Annette Isselhorst Neige

Amazing product and fantasticcustomer service throughout the orderprocess – competent product advice, fast deliveryand excellent work. The quality of the aprons issuper, and they arrived in time and beautifullypackaged. Amazing !

Tom Punter

Oyster Barber

Very good efficientservice. Tim is a veryprofessional whocares deeply abouthis product. You also get thesense he’s just a genuinely niceguy which is always a bonus! Theaprons are very good quality I willbe returning

Jason Bellord

Top quality apron! Absolutely love it.Comfortable, lightweight and strongWork with it everyday a true workhorse.

Pride your art

Much like a haircut can completely transform a person’s look, the right uniform can completely transform the aesthetic of a barbers shop. Similarly, we realise that each hairdresser is as unique as each haircut they do. This is why we’ve curated this list of barbers aprons in a variety of different colours and styles, so that it can complement the style of your shop. The only thing they have in common is that they’re all lovingly made by hand to last.

Professional Look

Tired of chucking your hair covered clothes straight in the wash after a shift? Our barbers aprons can be wiped down clean, meaning that you look pristine for each and every customer that walks through your door. Each of our aprons is made from sustainable leather sourced from end of life European dairy cows, that is so abusable that you won’t have to replace your barbers aprons for years.

A Cut above the Rest

We make each of our barbers aprons to order, meaning we can customise them to how you want. From your logo front and centre on the chest of the apron, to a subtle metal tag at the top. Our barbers aprons will turn people’s heads as they walk past your shop. Even before seeing your reviews, or having a haircut themselves, they’ll be confident that this is a hairdresser that is a cut above the rest.

Frequently asked Questions

Are leather barbers aprons worth it?
Leather is an expensive material, especially when you’re comparing it to cotton, or other synthetic fabrics, so is it worth the investment for your barbershop? If we’re talking about how long it last, then absolutely. Leather has been used for protection for millenia for a reason. That should be a good enough guarantee that it’ll keep you clean from hair, products and water. On top of the money you save from constantly replacing cotton aprons, you also have the laundry costs. Namely, the laundry costs for leather aprons is zero. They wipe down clean. So, although a larger upfront cost, it doesn’t take long before they pay themselves back.
Why leather barbers apron?
Apart from looking stylish and professional, leather is protective and long lasting. The protective element is more obvious; leather is always going to protect you from a stray pair of scissors better than your clothes, and is much more cut resistant. The protective coating means hair and products wipe straight off instead of sticking to your clothes, as well - meaning you stay smart regardless of how hectic your shift is. What may seem more counter intuitive is that the leather aprons are actually environmentally sustainable. The fact that they wipe down clean means no water is wasted on laundering the aprons; the leather and aprons are all made in Europe cutting down on the carbon footprint from airmiles; finally, the fact that one will last you years, means much less material waste compared to other aprons.
Is leather easy to clean?
Yes, our leather is impregnated with a patent coating, making our leather scratch resistant and easy to clean as hair, soap, hairspray and any other products will wipe straight off.
Where does the leather come from?
At Stalwart Crafts, our premium Italian leather is sourced from European dairy cows which, when the time comes, are butchered for their meat, leaving the hides as a by-product. It’s our way of trying to be a sustainable as possible while still being able to use such a beautiful, long lasting material.
How does the branding process work?
We have two main branding options: embossing and engraving Engraving is where we burn your logo into the top layer of the leather before painting over it by hand. Embossing is a more traditional method where we create a metal stamp of your logo, heat it up, and press it into the leather creating a permanent imprint of your logo. This is more price effective than engraving for orders of 10 or more because there is an initial cost to create the metal stamp; once we’ve made a stamp of your logo, you won’t have to pay this again. After that, the only costs for repeat orders are the much smaller set-up cost and the per unit embossing costs. The other customisation options we offer are a personalised metal tag engraving at the top of the apron or engraving the towel strap on the waist of our aprons
Is there a discount for mulitple aprons?
The more aprons we produce in one go, the more the cost per unit goes down. Get in touch if you’re after 5 or more and we’ll give you the best price we can.
Will the branding fade?
We have barbers wearing the same branded aprons now, that they bought when we started, with no issues. The main advice we can give is if you’re expecting to put the aprons through a lot of work, keep the branding on the chest, where it’s less likely to be rubbed against chairs or sinks, which may cause the branding to fade over time.
How many aprons do I need per staff member?
One apron per staff member is plenty. The aprons wipe down clean, so it’s good to go shift after shift without waiting for a laundry service. This also means workers don’t need to take them home - stopping any from going missing.
How will the apron look after a year of wear, or longer?
Our Deluxe leather range is extremely abuse proof and will look as good as new year after year. It will gain a pattina like a high quality wallet or pair of shoes, but won’t degrade at all. This is the option if you want your staff’s aprons to continue to look close to identical over the years Our Rustic leather aprons start out slightly stiffer, but after a couple of hours of wearing them, they soften up. If you routinely treat them with leather conditioner they’ll look great for years. If you don’t replenish the protective coating with conditioner, it’ll eventually weather aesthetically, gaining a suede-esque look over time. Great for if you want your aprons to develop a more individual rustic character - fits right at home for a more traditional barbershop
Does the apron come with any guarantees?
If any faults develop outside of general wear and tear, such as a clasp breaks or studs come loose, we will replace them free of charge for as long as you own the apron.
What’s the ordering process?
For smaller orders, place your order through the website by adding your desired aprons to the basket and going through the checkout process. If you choose to have branded aprons, you’ll be prompted to attach your logo, or the text if it’s a metal tag. If you go for an engraving, after the order is paid for, our sales assistant will get in touch with a digital sample of your logo on the apron for you to approve or ask for amendments. Only once the design is confirmed will we proceed with the order. We make all the aprons from scratch by hand so expect to receive your aprons within 2-3 weeks.
How to wash barber shop aprons made of leather?
Get a warm damp cloth and wipe down the entire surface. If there’s any resistant stains, a dash of natural soap will do the job. Every now and again, give it a once over with our leather conditioner, as you would polish a pair of shoes. This’ll replenish the protective coating of the leather and give it back its lustre.
What type of aprons do you use in hospitality?
The answer to this varies on the style and preference of the establishment of course! The one thing that most barbers agree on is the cross straps that make the apron comfortable to wear all day. Some do opt for the neck strap, though, as they can take it off and put it on quicker.

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