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Classic Leather Blacksmith Apron – Rustic

£149.99 incl. VAT
inc. VAT (£124.99 excl. VAT)

Our classic leather blacksmith apron is perhaps our longest running design – absolutely iconic, sleek without any nonsense or thrills. The sustainably sourced leather is light enough to be comfortable to wear, whilst still being sturdy enough to protect you from heat, sparks and flying lemel. The two comfortable leather straps with buckles make it quick and easy to put on and take off. Being made of a single leather hide from top to bottom means that there’s no stitching weak points for sparks to burn through. One size fits all.

  • Unisex, one size fits all

  • Adjustable leather neck strap

  • Comfortable leather neck patch

  • Adjustable leather hip strap with buckle

  • Leather waist strap for attachments like our leather pouch

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The Classic Rustic Leather Blacksmith Apron – An Heirloom for Artisans

For committed metal workers, woodworkers, jewelry makers and studio craftsmen – we designed the Classic Rustic Leather Blacksmith Apron. This iconic leather apron combines rugged durability with custom comfort for artisans.

Handcrafted from one ethically sourced piece of full grain leather, this leather blacksmith apron provides customized coverage without weak seams that could catch sparks. Adjustable straps ensure a flawless unisex fit.

Two sturdy yet flexible leather straps with buckles allow swiftly putting on and taking off this apron in seconds between studio tasks. The durable leather withstands staining and sparks but softens with use. Just wipe it down occasionally to clean.

This leather blacksmith apron offers simplicity and ease of use. Focus on shaping, joining and creating – not your gear. The comfy neck patch prevents chafing during long hours at the anvil, while the hip strap keeps the apron locked in place as you move confidently.

Make your apron uniquely yours by laser engraving your maker’s mark, logo or custom design right into the rugged leather – merging classic shop style with your personal flair.

This is the ideal leather blacksmith apron meticulously designed for metal and wood artisans. Thicker leather protects from stains and mishaps while naturally developing character. Break this apron in as your trusted studio companion.

Leather specially treated to withstand staining and sparks. Just wipe away grime with a damp cloth, use a little soap on stubborn gunk, and condition it periodically. This leather blacksmith apron is built to last generations alongside your craft.

Heirloom Quality:
One piece of full grain leather for durability without vulnerable seams.

Fully Adjustable Straps:
Ensures a flawless customized unisex fit for any artisan.

Easy On & Off:
Two buckled leather straps allow fast wear and removal when needed.

Engraved Personalization:
Laser etch your maker’s mark or logo directly into the leather.

Rugged & Protective:
Thicker leather shields from sparks, stains and mishaps in the studio.

Your apron is more than attire – it’s a representation of your commitment to mastering a trade and carrying forth timeless techniques. Elevate your craft with an heirloom leather blacksmith apron made specifically for artisans like yourself.

Slip into this handcrafted work of art, passed down to masters through generations. The patina on the supple leather tells the story of all it has endured in diligent hands. Yours will be next.


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Weight 0.675 kg
Dimensions 86 × 64 × 0.25 cm

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