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Blacksmith Apron with Cross Straps – Rustic Leather

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Our Blacksmith apron with cross straps, a true companion to count on throughout the day. When you’re spending long hours in the forge, it pays to be both protected and comfortable. That is why we fitted this apron with a cross strap so that the apron sits across your back, as opposed to around your neck, giving you more freedom to move, and stopping the apron from becoming uncomfortable as you wear it for long periods of time. If you find yourself leaning over benches, working with lathes and other machinery, this apron will stay close to the body, so you don’t have to worry about it getting caught.

  • Unisex

  • Adjustable at 5 different points

  • Includes a small pocket, perfect for holding small tools

  • Attachable leather pouch (not included)

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The Rustic Leather Blacksmith Apron – A True Workshop Companion

For committed metalworkers, jewellers, and iron shapers seeking comfort and protection, we present the Rustic Leather Blacksmith Apron with Cross Straps. This rugged studio companion is designed to be by your side throughout long days sparking creativity at the anvil.

The innovative cross straps ensure this blacksmith apron sits comfortably across your back rather than around your neck. This provides greater freedom to lean and move without restrictions or strain during long hours in the forge.

Fully adjustable at 5 key points, the apron moulds to your body for a custom tailored workshop fit. Seasoned artisan or rookie smith, this blacksmith apron moves with you for personalized comfort and coverage while metalworking.

The easy clip hooks allow swiftly putting on and removing this apron in seconds when it’s time for a break. No need to hassle with difficult ties and straps when stepping away from hot metal.

A convenient side pocket provides a handy home for essential tools like hammers, tweezers, and pliers, keeping them within arm’s reach. For even more storage, attach our Leather Pouch to neatly organize stamps, specialty tongs, or other workshop must-haves.

Light yet durable, this isn’t merely an accessory, but a flexible workshop extension of your body. With comfort as a priority, this blacksmith apron enables fluid movement and creativity while protecting your clothing from sparks and stains.

The thick Rustic leather has a bold, traditional workshop look. With deep colour hues, this hearty apron withstands the inherent mess of shaping and joining metal while developing character over time – gaining stories and patina with every unique piece crafted.

Take your metalworking prowess to the next level with a blacksmith apron crafted by smiths for smiths. More than workwear, it’s a representation of your identity and dedication to this enduring craft.

Whether a seasoned artisan or just getting started, this blacksmith apron offers customized comfort that enhances your experience. The cross back straps ensure it fits like a glove tailored to you, moving seamlessly as you shape hot metal.

Sturdy Rustic leather protects your clothing from sparks, staining, and mishaps while forming perfectly to your frame. Convenient details like the side pocket and clip hooks simplify your workflow.

When your craft involves fire and iron, you need an apron that can handle the heat. This specially designed blacksmith apron has your back, ensuring comfort never impedes your creativity. Always ready for the strike of the hammer – slip it on and let the sparks fly.


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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 86 × 64 × 0.25 cm

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