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XL Leather Apron Barber Deluxe – Cross Straps

£225.00 incl. VAT
inc. VAT (£187.50 excl. VAT)

Our XL Leather Apron Barber Deluxe, made by hand with full grain Italian leather for when you’re looking for full protection with a touch of class. We’ve attached cross straps with a back brace on this model, which causes the weight of the surprisingly light apron to be spread across your shoulders and back, as opposed to around your neck. This makes it perfect for wearing all day.

  • Unisex, one size fits all

  • Easy-use waist straps and neck-strap: put on and take off the apron in seconds

  • Extra storage with a big front pocket which has two openings

  • Possibility to attach our leather pouch

  • 4 extra buckles on straps for better adjustment

  • Includes a large front pocket

  • Made extra wide for full protection

  • Create your own personalised apron

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The XL Leather Apron Barber Deluxe with Cross Straps: Elevate Your Barbering Experience

For barbers who recognize the significance of grooming as an art form and the role of professional appearance in their craft, we are thrilled to introduce the XL Leather Apron Barber Deluxe with Cross Straps. This apron is not merely an accessory; it’s the embodiment of craftsmanship, comfort, and utility, meticulously designed to meet the exacting standards of discerning barbers.

A Barber’s Apron: Essential for Grooming Excellence

In the world of barbering, the right tools and the right presentation can make all the difference. Your apron isn’t just an accessory; it’s a fundamental component of your toolkit. That’s why we’ve painstakingly created the XL Leather Apron Barber Deluxe with Cross Straps to offer a multitude of benefits that will elevate your grooming experience.

Complete Coverage for a Polished Image

This apron is your gateway to maintaining a polished and professional appearance, ensuring you remain impeccably groomed while attending to your clients. The XL size provides comprehensive coverage, safeguarding your attire from stray hair clippings, water splashes, and grooming debris. You can now focus on your work without the worry of leaving remnants of hair clinging to your clothing.

Customized Comfort for the Modern Barber

We understand that every barber is unique, and your apron should mirror your individuality. With five adjustable points, including the neck, waist, and cross straps, you have the ability to tailor the fit to your specific preferences. Say farewell to one-size-fits-all solutions; this apron conforms to your body, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit that allows you to concentrate on your art.

Cross Straps for Enduring Comfort

For barbers who devote long hours to their clients, comfort is of paramount importance. Our robust cross straps are engineered to evenly distribute weight across your shoulders and neck. Four buckles guarantee a secure hold, enabling you to move freely without worrying about your apron shifting or causing discomfort. This apron is the key to all-day comfort.

Efficient Access to Essential Tools

In the fast-paced atmosphere of a barbershop, time is of the essence. Our apron is equipped with a convenient front pocket that keeps your vital grooming tools, such as scissors, combs, and razors, within arm’s reach. No more fumbling through drawers or searching for misplaced items. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, enabling you to deliver impeccable grooming services with efficiency and precision.

Tailored Storage with Optional Accessories

We recognize that barbers have diverse needs when it comes to their tools. Hence, we offer the option to attach our Barber’s Tool Pouch accessory to your apron. This supplementary storage space is perfect for holding larger grooming equipment or personal items, ensuring that everything you require is within arm’s reach.

The Timeless Elegance of Full-Grain Italian Leather

Our apron is crafted from full-grain Italian leather, exuding a classic and timeless charm while offering a lighter and more durable alternative. Just as you have honed your skills over time, this leather apron matures gracefully, developing character as it accompanies you through your barbering journey. Specially treated to withstand the rigors of a barbershop, it remains resilient and dependable.

Durable Armor for the Modern Barber

This is not just an apron; it’s your armor for the barbershop. It is designed to withstand the rigors of your profession, from grooming sessions that leave you surrounded by hair clippings to those that culminate in a pristine look. The full-grain Italian leather used in this apron is as tough as you are, capable of withstanding the demands of your work. Once you’ve adjusted the straps to your liking, you’ll find that this apron molds to your body, becoming a natural extension of your craft.

Elevate Your Grooming Experience

A successful day in the barbershop hinges on comfort and focus. After customizing the leather cross straps to your liking, you may even forget you’re wearing the apron, allowing you to focus entirely on providing top-quality grooming services. This apron offers the comfort and functionality you need to perfect your clients’ looks while keeping you looking sharp.

Make a Statement with Your Style

The XL Leather Apron Barber Deluxe not only enhances your efficiency; it also communicates your commitment to your craft. It’s the ideal gear to match your passion for barbering. Whether you’re operating your own barbershop, working in a high-end salon, or competing in grooming competitions, this apron is your trusted companion.

Durable and Convenient for the Modern Barber

We understand the demands of your profession, which is why our Full-Grain Italian Leather Apron is engineered to withstand it all. Its robust construction easily repels splatters, stains, and the rigors of daily use. With multiple convenient pockets and the option to attach a pouch, you’ll have everything you need for any grooming emergency. This apron is equipped with the tools you need to excel in your craft, from sharp shears to perfectly styled hair.

Elevate Your Barbering Experience

When you wear this rugged full-grain Italian leather apron, you’re not just wearing clothing; you’re using a tool that elevates your barbering experience. You can confidently focus on delivering impeccable grooming services while your apron takes care of the mess. It’s time to take your barbering to the next level with the XL Leather Apron Barber Deluxe with Cross Straps. Place your order today and experience the difference for yourself. Upgrade your apron game and elevate your barbering craft to new heights.


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