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From Menu Covers To Placemats: Leather Restaurant Essentials

There is no question that it takes a lot to run a successful restaurant but we’re sure that you know the rewards are huge. The satisfaction of delivering food that people love is one of the purest feelings you can have and creating an experience which your guests will remember is what it is all about. So, how can you create an experience which impresses your guests from the moment they walk in to their very last dish? This is the question which we all ask ourselves on many occasions but in this blog, we will attempt to answer it for you.

Dining out is all about the experience, there is simply no denying that. After all, if you create an experience that your guests remember then the chances are they will want to come back at some point. Of course, the food is important but you must make sure that every other aspect of your restaurant is well-maintained and looked after. This will make your establishment feel complete and far more high-end. So, how do you do this? What is the secret to creating a memorable experience? Well, keep reading to find out about this and a great deal more.

The history of leather

Before we start to discuss the uses of leather in our restaurants it might be wise to mention the history of this fascinating material. The first signs of leather being used and created by humans were in fact found in the UK in a place called Hoxne in England. Archaeologists found small stone tools which have been identified as items which would have been used to scrape off animal hide and shape the hide into useful items. These tools have been dated back a staggering 400,000 years. After this evolution in technology leather quickly became a widely used material around Europe.

As you might expect the material has continued to witness progress throughout the years. At around 33,000 BC humans began to start using sewing needles in their leather crafting which meant they could start to create more intricate designs. This paved the way for items like bags and clothes which drastically changed the human race. Of course, the progression only continued after this and in 3,500 BC the first leather shoe with laces was created in Armenia. Clearly then, leather has played an extremely important role in the fortunes of the human race and it is still just as popular as it was a few thousand years ago in Armenia.

Getting the basics right

When you embark on setting up your restaurant there will likely be a wide variety of things which you will want to achieve. Great food and exceptional drink will all be high on your list as well as enchanted decor. Though before you can focus on any of these things you will need to get the basics right. Now, while this may seem simple, focusing on the simple element can often be a great deal more challenging than it looks. Though when you strip restaurants and service-based establishments back the basics are the things most people can look at first.

When it comes to the essentials of a restaurant there are, of course, plenty of things which you will need to assure. From tablecloths to a diverse and effective menu all of these things will have a huge impact on the success of your business. So, you will likely want to sit down with your business partners and assure you have all of the essentials ticked off before you open your doors to paying customers. The key thing to remember is that you maintain the personality of your business and continue to have great customer service. If you maintain these principles then your restaurant will work amazingly well.

Why leather?

You may be wondering why we think leather is such a great option for many of your restaurant essentials. After all, there are plenty of other materials which you can use throughout your company. You may well be using various different plastics at the moment or perhaps even wood in some cases. Yes, these materials do have their uses but leather is something which perhaps doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Well, there are many reasons for our beliefs on leather and we will talk you through these in this next section. So, keep reading to find out more.

Leather is an unquestionably impressive material. After all, humans have been using leather for thousands of years and we have created many incredible products with it. There is no question then that the material has proved that it is not only reliable and strong but beautiful as well. This is why when used for tasks in a restaurant leather can truly make an area shine which can have an incredible impact on your establishment. So, how can you make the most of leather and when should you use it? This is what we shall cover next in this blog.

The different uses of leather

Within the restaurant setting, there are many different uses for leather. However, you can break down these different roles into two very distinct categories. There is the practical use and the ornamental use. Of course, there are a few occasions when these two uses overlap somewhat but for the most part, they remain the same. So, what is meant by these two categories and what kind of product fits into them?

Practical use

First and foremost there are a variety of different practical jobs which leather can fulfil in a restaurant. After all, establishments that offer their customers any kind of service must be able to do so quickly, safely, and efficiently. The first practical leather item which comes to mind is, of course, the apron. The apron is a staple of the modern restaurant and in fact, it has been for hundreds of years. Put it this way, these items both keep chefs and kitchen staff safe while protecting their uniforms from damage. Leather is a great option for this kind of role as it is strong and reliable.

Ornamental use

The fact is, that restaurants must look good. After the food and the quality of service, the next most important thing to most guests is the decor and design of the building. So, many of the practical items must also look the part and the ornamental items should also look clean and well designed. Take the menu cover, for example, this is a vital item in the restaurant’s repertoire and there are many materials which you can use for this. However, leather is an ideal choice thanks to its glossy finish and ability to withstand years of use and damage.

Leather restaurant essentials

There are several items which you should look into if you want to make your restaurant or establishment stand out from the crowd. Leather is one of the most diverse and capable materials in the world and it will certainly not let you down when it comes to durability and practicality. So, keep reading to find out more.

Handcrafted aprons

Leather aprons are a brilliant choice for your kitchen. Put it this way, these aprons will stand the test of time and be able to protect your staff from kitchen dangers such as sharp objects and heat. Certainly when it comes to aprons leather is one of the most reliable choices around.

Apron Pouch

An apron pouch is a great choice for front-of-house staff. The quality of service is extremely important for this role which is why issuing your staff with an apron pouch is so useful. By using an apron pouch your front-of-house staff will have somewhere to store their pens and notepads while they take your guest’s orders.

If you would like to talk with some industry professionals about your restaurant then make sure you contact us today. We have many years of experience in the industry and can certainly help you to find the right items for you. So, whether you’re after leather aprons or menu covers we can certainly help.



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