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Leather Butcher Knife Roll

£139.00 inc. VAT (£115.83 excl. VAT)


The dearest possession of any true butcher is their knives.

There is no better way to look after something so sacred than to invest in our new handcrafted premium leather knife roll.

If you’re on the move, our butcher knife roll will keep your knives organised, protected and pristine during transport.

We sat down with butchers around the country and picked their brains about what they would look for in the ideal knife roll.

We went through a process of trialling multiple models out of various leather types, thickness, and flexibility and with numerous pocket formats and layouts.

The knife roll that we now offer is the result – we see it as the perfect leather knife roll.

  • Coated premium leather

  • Scratch and stain-proof

  • 5 Large compartments for knives

  • 2 small compartments for pen or tweezers

  • Compact design for carrying around

  • Quick to unroll and easy to use


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The Ultimate Butcher Knife Roll – Handcrafted Leather Quality

As a butcher, you need a leather knife roll built specifically to organize and protect your valued knives and tools. That’s why we designed our Butcher Knife Roll – the ultimate leather knife case crafted just for butchers.

Handmade from premium European leather through a unique tanning process, our butcher knife roll delivers unparalleled softness, strength and stain resistance. We reinforce the leather compartments to safely secure your knives without dulling the edges.

Inside the butcher knife roll are six intelligently designed slots to hold all your go-to knives and tools:

  • 4 large knife compartments
  • 1 slim boning knife slot
  • 1 sharpening steel sleeve
  • Spacious pocket for shears, tweezers, pens

Even fully loaded, the flexibility of the leather allows the butcher knife roll to pack up nice and tight. Easy to place in a bag or backpack for transport.

Fully Customizable Just for You: Make your butcher knife roll truly unique by adding engraved personalization of your name, logo or design.

Premium Leather:
Sourced from end-of-life cows in Europe to prevent waste. Naturally tanned for supple durability.

Reinforced Knife Compartments: Safely secures knives without dulling edges. Stain resistant leather protects your investment.

6 Strategic Slots for Tools: Holds 4 large knives, 1 boning knife, steel, shears, pens and other necessities.

Packs Tightly When Full: Flexible leather material allows the butcher knife roll to pack up tight for easy transport.

Built Specifically for Butchers: Designed to organize and protect the essential knives and tools butchers need on hand.

Easy to Clean: Wipe down with a damp cloth and natural soap. Leather is treated to resist stains.

Our Butcher Knife Roll combines delicate precision with rugged performance. The reinforced compartments secure your sharpest knives while the soft leather protects them from damage. Pockets and sleeves neatly organize all your go-to tools for easy access.

Handcrafted from tough European ex-dairy cow leather, this knife roll develops a rich patina over time. The material is lightweight yet highly durable, able to withstand years of daily use. Special leather treatment resists stains from grease, oil or blood.

Make your butcher knife roll truly unique by adding custom engraved personalization. Laser etch a name, logo or creative design into the leather for a one-of-a-kind creation.

Spend less time hunting for tools and more time focused on your craft with a Butcher Knife Roll meticulously designed around your needs. It’s the ultimate for keeping your cutlery organized, protected and close at hand. Don’t settle for basic knife storage – bring premium quality into your work.

Dimension leather knife / tool roll Outer dimensions: 51 cm wide x 45 cm long Knife slot 1: 7 cm x 45 cm Knife slot 2: 7 cm x 45 cm Knifeslot 3: 6 cm x 45 cm Steel slot: 5 cm x 45 cm Small knife slot: 4 x 45 cm Pincer/ pen slot: 2.5 cm x 45 cm


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Dimensions 51 × 45 cm

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