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Durable & Stylish: Why You Should Choose A Designer Apron

An apron is an essential everyday item that often goes unnoticed in our homes and businesses. It may be donned for a home cooking session or a lengthy bar shift, and then discarded with little thought. But it’s time to get serious about your apron choices, where branded, designer options are worth your attention.

A designer apron refers to a garment that has been developed by an identifiable brand or fashion label, where it may be hand-crafted or designed to bespoke customer measurements and specifications. It will be of a higher quality than mass produced alternatives, where the benefits of investing in such a product are wide ranging.

Read on for an insight into why you need a designer, branded apron for personal use or for business wear, with reference to the exciting leather product range on offer from Stalwart.

Benefits Of Designer Aprons

Although the price point of designer items may differ compared to more readily available options, it’s certainly worth the investment. There are a wide range of benefits to be gained, which include:


One of the main advantages of buying a designer apron is that you can get a custom-made product manufactured specifically for you. Purchasing an off-the-rack apron will limit your comfort and style choices, where it’s always preferable to own a unique item rather than a mass produced one.


If an apron is hand-crafted, it will be made with more care and consideration than a mass produced product. This means that the stitching will be carried out to a higher standard, and that more long-lasting materials will be used. All of this means that your apron will retain its original shape and condition for longer.


A designer branded apron won’t be mass produced, and as a result it is likely to be manufactured in an ethical manner. This is because the materials used are of a higher quality, where a slower rate of production means that sustainable processes and sourcing can be ensured. Also the labour involved in making the pieces is rooted in valued craftsmanship, meaning it is probable that your item won’t be made by underpaid workers.

Support Independent Businesses

It is always preferable if possible to support a small, specialist business, rather than buying a product from a large corporation who has invested less individual care into your item. An apron from an independent business will likely be crafted to a higher standard, where you will be buying from skilled artisans who really care about what they are creating for you.

Commercial Benefits

In addition to the material benefits of buying from an independent designer brand, there are also a number of ways that such a purchase can benefit your own commercial setup. Whether you’re purchasing aprons for a butchers, a barbers, or for your bartending staff, it fosters customer curiosity if your employees are sporting unique and stylish aprons. This will help your business to stand out, and mark you as a clear supporter of small and ethical businesses.

Why You Need A Designer Leather Apron

So you’ve decided to opt for a bespoke or designer apron, but which product should you choose? Aprons are available in a variety of materials, including cotton and synthetic fibres such as plastic and polyester. They also differ greatly depending on what you need your apron for.

Arguably one of the best and most traditional options for your apron is to opt for a designer leather product, where this material has been keeping humankind warm and safe for centuries. The tanning process involves the soaking of an animal skin, which is then dried and cured to form leather. This material brings with it a range of benefits, all of which contribute to making an excellent apron. Some of these include:

Easy Maintenance

A leather apron is very simple to maintain, despite the high-end look of the fabric. It is generally stain proof and easy to wipe clean, no matter the spillage. A wax or conditioner can be used to achieve a certain kind of shine, but this isn’t essential. Leather materials also benefit from not being washed, saving you money in the long run.


Leather may look stiff and unmanageable from the outside, but an apron made to individual measurements will be more comfortable for long wear than an off the rack product. This is especially true if your apron is made from lightweight leather, which is designed to boost wearer comfort. Additionally, leather aprons are designed to become increasingly supple over time, where they mould to fit the wearer perfectly.


A leather apron is truly an investment for the long term, where instead of wearing out with age, it will actually look better over time. This is because leather naturally absorbs whatever it interacts with, whether this is oils from the skin, or moisture in the air. As a result, some pieces of your garment will darken over time, whilst other areas will adopt a natural shine.


It is well known that leather is an incredibly durable material, meaning it is used to make a range of hard wearing garments and accessories. This is because leather is made up of long collagen fibres which are difficult to break or tear. Additionally, any marks or scuffs the leather will acquire will add to its overall appearance rather than detracting from it.

Responsible Sources

Although leather is considered unethical by some as an animal product, if you are buying from an independent designer brand, it is likely that they will have taken the time to invest in sustainable supply chains and processes. Vegan leather alternatives are also available, where this animal-free material is designed to supply lots of the same benefits as traditional leather.

Stalwart Crafts: Handcrafted Aprons Designed Especially For You

At Stalwart, we create handcrafted leather aprons designed to last you a lifetime. We only use responsibly sourced leather from ex-dairy cows, where our materials are a by-product of the dairy industry.

We have three main leather variations available to choose from for your apron:

Rustic Leather: A sturdier garment with a bold colouring, which becomes supple and soft over time. It is designed to mould to your body shape to provide long-lasting comfort. These aprons are treated to protect your leather from fats, oils and stains.

Deluxe Leather: A full grain leather which is designed to be lighter than rustic leather alternatives. It is comfortable and mouldable, but also strong enough to suit a range of industrial or domestic tasks.

Vegan Leather: An alternative to our more traditional products, our vegan leather aprons are manufactured from sustainable vegan apple leather, where vegan aprons made from cork are also available.

All our aprons are handcrafted by our industry experts from one piece of genuine leather, where every garment is entirely unique. Our leather aprons are available in a range of traditional colours, including Whiskey, Oxblood and Rustic Brown.

Garments To Suit Your Business: Leather Butcher Aprons, Restaurant Wear & More

At Stalwart, our bespoke leather aprons are designed to appeal to a wide range of industries, including butchers, blacksmiths and barbers. We also sell full length aprons for chefs, as well as shorter waist-tie variations to suit waiting staff and bartenders. Our aprons are also suitable for home use, where they make the perfect outdoor barbequing accessory.

You can also customise your apron with your company name or logo, where this can be laser engraved or embossed with a metal stamp. Both of these methods ensure that your logo will never fade, adding to the long-wear durability of your apron.

In addition to aprons, we sell a wide variety of leather accessories, including heat resistant gloves, knife rolls and coasters. For your restaurant, we supply bill presenters, clipboards and customisable menu covers, whilst for home use you can also purchase leather coasters and placemats.

Our quality aprons and wider range of products are designed in London, where everything is available for worldwide shipping. Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive range, or to browse our catalogue of customer stories for some apron inspiration.



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