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Butchers Aprons custom made from the finest leather

Pride in your trade

As a butcher, you’ll be proud of being a member of such a traditional and skilled trade, with English Butcher’s Guilds dating from as far back as 1272. And to perform your job to your best abilities, you’ll need a protective heavy-duty butchers apron you can count on.

Professional look | We’ve spoken to butchers to find out what they’re looking for in a butchers apron: they all wanted a product that fits well, with adjustable straps around the waist and back, plus a strong waterproof coating which resists cuts, soiling and splashes. Not forgetting a pleasing vintage look for the sort of character that makes you stand out from the crowd (and the supermarkets!).

Workwear | If you’re preparing good-quality meat, you’ll need to protect yourself with a top-quality apron, so we have developed three designs for you to choose from. Our Butcher’s aprons are made from 2mm-thick leather, developed in collaboration with our tannery to be light and flexible but still give you the great protection you need against everything a butcher’s life throws at you.

Why choose a Stalwart Craft's butchers apron

Not only must your meat products look appealing, but the server behind the counter should appear smart and professional as well. And you’ll know that when working with meat, nothing is more important than ensuring your environment is sterile. Not only is our butchers apron is easy to clean, it’s hard to cut and stain meaning it’ll look good for years, while saving you washing costs.

H and j Carnduff Northern Ireland butchers shop of the year 2018 and 2019 . " The Aprons from Stalwart Crafts have been a real talking point for our customers.They look like a pair of comfortable brogues and fit in to our modern butchers shop with a traditional and old fashioned twist.
Hamilton Carnduff
I work as a meat cutter, and I’m absolutely loving my new apron! So far its holding up splendidly even with getting protein juices from pork, chicken, and beef on it in large quantities. The cross strap does wonders in eliminating the neck pain I would get from other aprons. Another bonus was the super quick shipping to the states. Thank you so much Stalwart Crafts, you’ve got my loyalty for life
Shawn winner
A thing of absolute Beauty. Received mine today at Hartland’s Master Butchers. Logo was branded. Name plate looks fantastic. Just wearing makes me feel a true professional in my field. Had so many comments from my customers on how great it looked. It’s so comfortable and fits a dream. Thank you guys 😊
James Hartland
Hartland’s Master Butchers.
Enjoy our benefits

Hygienic and protective

Our leather is coated with an extra protective layer, making it easy to clean time after time by simply wiping down and using an anti-bacterial spray. The apron will look smart and professional, day after day.

Looking good for longer

Due to the frequent washing, cotton aprons will wear out and the colour and branding fade. Stalwart Crafts leather aprons, however, improve with age. The leather moulds to the shape of the body and looks more authentic and characterful the longer you wear it, with your branding remaining sharp and clear. In fact, we asked several butchers how much they spent on cleaning and replacing regular cotton aprons and, based on ten staff members, we calculated that you could save £3,630 per year by switching to leather aprons.

Light and flexible

We’ve experimented to find a type of leather that’s light and comfortable enough to wear all day, but also extremely durable so it forms an extra skin around your body, protecting you from any knife blunders. It is flexible enough for you not to feel obstructed in your work. In fact, the butchers we spoke to say it’s like wearing an ordinary cotton apron, but with a little more body.

Safe money

The initial costs for leather aprons might be higher than regular designs, but you’ll save money over time. Standard cotton aprons need to be washed every day and laundry bills can become a serious overhead for butchers. However, our easy-care leather aprons have an extra protective layer, making them quick and easy to keep clean.

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