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Professional aprons, designed in London

When we were putting our Stalwart Crafts collection together in our small London workshop, we had just one goal in mind: to make leather aprons which not only look smart, but that are comfortable and light to wear and will withstand the day-to-day working life of professionals.

Because we know that not all staff members may care for their apron as they should, we needed to create a collection of aprons that, however they’re treated, will still look good. We wanted to make aprons that, if they get covered in blood, fat or wine, can be easily wiped down ready for another day. And so, the Stalwart Crafts Leather Aprons collection was born.

We’re proud to say that when you have a Stalwart Crafts custom apron for business, you’ll have a new companion in your team that you can really count on!

The aprons are easy to adjust, from a small to a XL.

Whatever your profession, Stalwart Crafts leather aprons will offer you great comfort and safety throughout your working day.

Choose between multiple styles and colours to fit your business style.

All our aprons are adjustable, from small to XL to fit most body sizes.

And for bigger builds, we have our XL Classic apron and XL Cross Strap apron, which are adjustable from a XL to XXL.

Custom Aprons for business branded with your logo, from just one item

To give small businesses the opportunity to look the part and present a professional image, we’re offering our leather apron branding service, available from just one item.
Five-plus items – ask for a quote
For larger orders above five items we offer a bulk discount price. To find out the price, please submit a quote by clicking the button here below or by going to the product page of the item you’re interested in and ask for the quote there.
Bespoke branding

A Stalwart Crafts business apron personalised with your logo makes a truly eye-catching product that is sure to make you stand out from your competitors.

Laser engraving We burn your logo with a laser into the top layer of the leather. Every fine detail of your logo will be clear and sharp. The result is amazing and will not fade.

Coloured branding After we’ve burned your logo into the leather we can leave this natural or can hand-paint the engraving with a special ink in Black, White, Gold or Copper to make your logo really stand out. This ink will not fade and makes your Stalwart Crafts apron something special.

Embossing in colour

When we emboss your logo in the leather, we can add a special foil in any colour you like to boost your branding.

Both the Embossing and Engraving options really enhance our leather aprons and make them stand out from the crowd.

We Ship Worldwide

Have multiple locations spanning different countries? We’ll make you some custom aprons for business and ship them to your different locations direct from the workshop.

Good news if you’re in the US or Canada: we now have a workshop in New Jersey! The same quality business aprons, but with massively reduced shipping costs. See our dedicated website: www.stalwartcrafts.us

Enjoy our benefits

Embossing service

For orders above 10 business aprons, we offer our Embossing service, which for larger quantities works out cheaper than the laser engraving option. We create a metal embossing stamp of your logo which we press under heat into the leather. The stamp has a one-off cost of £100 and will be kept by us for any future orders you might like to make. This stamp can also be used on our complete Stalwart Crafts range.

Hygienic and protective

Due to the frequent washing, cotton aprons will wear out and the colour and branding fade. Stalwart Crafts leather aprons, however, improve with age. The leather moulds to the shape of the body and looks more authentic and characterful the longer you wear it, with your branding remaining sharp and clear.

Looking good for longer

We’ve experimented to find a type of leather that’s light and comfortable enough to wear all day, but also extremely durable so it forms an extra skin around your body. It is flexible enough for you not to feel obstructed in your work. In fact, it’s like wearing an ordinary cotton apron, but with a little more body.

Light and flexible

The initial costs for leather aprons might be higher than regular designs, but you’ll save money over time. Standard custom aprons for business need to be washed every day and laundry bills can become a serious overhead. However, our leather aprons have an extra protective layer, making them quick and easy to keep clean

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