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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Leather Butcher’s Apron

Though meat is readily available to buy nowadays in your local supermarket, butchers are still highly prominent in areas all around the country, with many people preferring to source their meat from these, knowing that it is local and fresh and allows them to support local business. Furthermore, some people may choose to get their meat from a specific butcher who provides meat that caters to their dietary requirement, such as kosher or halal.

Regardless of the meat that they sell, it is important for all butchers to be wearing the right attire. Not only is this important for hygiene reasons, but it ensures that all staff stay clean and safe whilst working with the meat, as well as appearing presentable for any customers that walk in.

In this guide, we will discuss the important considerations that should be made when looking at leather butcher’s aprons and why, as well as why leather should be the go to material of choice when it comes to aprons for this profession. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

What to Consider When Looking at Leather Butcher Aprons

Health & Safety

Butchers are constantly exposed to and working with knives, cleavers and other sharp tools. As such, it is important that they wear a durable apron that is resistant to cuts, protecting them from the potential accidents that may occur when working in such a setting.

This is why many butchers opt for a leather apron; unlike cotton and other materials, leather is much thicker and more durable, withstanding wear and tear for much longer. Not only does this keep you safe, but it will also save you money in the long run from having to regularly replace lower quality aprons with tears in.

Ease of Cleaning

Leading on from the previous consideration, butcher’s aprons should not only be durable against cuts and damage, but they should also be able to withstand stains and splashes. Working with raw meat can get rather messy, so an apron is a must to prevent bacteria and blood stains from soiling your clothes.

This should then be easy to clean for two reasons in particular; first, regularly cleaning your apron will help to stop the spread of bacteria; second, it keeps up appearances for customers and reflects the hygienic practices you follow in your butchery.

Aprons are much more practical to change and clean than the clothes you wear underneath, which is important considering that these must be changed before entering a clean area or handling the prepared meat at the counter.

Despite leather being a porous material, many leather butcher’s aprons (such as those sold at Stalwart Crafts) are treated with a strong waterproof coating that covers these pores, making them much easier to clean as you go by wiping with antibacterial cleaner, as well as making them more resistant to stains and splashes, saving you washing costs in the long run.

Comfort & Long Wear

Being a butcher involves being on your feet and moving about a lot for a large portion of the day. Because of this, butchers want to wear aprons that aren’t too heavy or bulky, instead being comfortable and breathable to wear for long periods.

Such aprons should come with adjustable straps with padding to avoid strain on the neck throughout a long day of work. Taking this a step further, many butchers prefer to wear aprons with cross-back shoulder straps, since these reduce neck strain completely and more evenly distribute the weight of the apron. Adjustable straps should also be included around the waist, so that the apron can be made to fit comfortably on anyone who is wearing it without getting in the way of their work.

It is important that these aprons are not too hot or heavy, also. At Stalwart Crafts, our butcher’s aprons are made from 2mm-thick leather, making them light, flexible and breathable to wear whilst still offering the much-needed protection that they do.

Practicality & Style

Though butcher’s aprons serve a functional purpose, that’s not to say that they shouldn’t also be stylish – in fact, ensuring this is in the interest of your business.

By wearing a stylish, leather apron, you will be embracing a pleasing vintage look that makes you stand out from the crowd (and the supermarkets!) whilst presenting yourself as a professional establishment to potential, new and existing customers. These can also be personalised, so you could choose to add your custom logo to really represent your brand and improve your professional appearance.

Purposeful design can also be considered in order to combine style with practicality. As well as features such as cross-back and adjustable straps, features such as large front pockets, square side pockets or additional attachable leather pouches offer the convenience of being able to store important tools and other equipment (e.g. notebook and pen) or items that you may need depending on the work you’re carrying out.

Why Leather for a Butcher’s Apron?

So, now that you know what to look out for when choosing an appropriate butcher’s apron, why choose leather? Well, in short, it ticks all of the aforementioned boxes.

Leather is an incredibly durable and long lasting material, one that can withstand wear and tear and resist cuts from sharp objects such as the knives and tools used in a butchery. In addition to this, it is breathable and flexible to wear, making it comfortable yet non-obstructive so that you can work as usual.

Since leather aprons are coated with an extra protective layer, you get to reap the benefits that they offer without having to worry about hygiene, since this treatment makes them easy to wipe down and clean – something very practical for a butcher. This also aids in keeping a smart and professional appearance, which is a given when wearing a leather apron thanks to the character and authenticity it exudes – reflecting that of your business.

Which Kind of Leather?

At Stalwart Crafts, we manufacture and sell our aprons in an option of leathers, including our rustic and deluxe leather ranges, so that there is an option to cater to everyone’s requirements and budgets no matter what they are.

Do you want the practicality that leather has to offer you without its impact on cows weighing on your conscience? Not to worry, we sell vegan aprons, too! Check out the list below of our top three leather types that would each be perfect for butcher’s aprons.

Rustic Leather: This leather is sourced from ex-dairy cows hides. It is thick and sturdy, becoming soft and supple over time to better mould to your body. Our rustic leather has deep, bold colouring and a natural sheen to it that appears attractive and professional.

Deluxe Leather: We use premium full grain leather for our deluxe leather, making it the best you can find. It is light and comfortable to wear, whilst being durable and low maintenance, making it ideal for butchery use. Its rich colour won’t fade even after years of service, whilst its texture gives it a unique character that anyone would feel stylish in.

Vegan Leather: Our vegan apple leather is 100% recycled, made from a mixture of apple pomace and recycled plastic for minimum environmental impact. It boasts the same qualities as standard leather, having undergone the same treatment so that it, too, is waterproof and scratch resistant.

Stalwart Crafts Handcrafted Aprons

If you’re looking to invest in luxury aprons for your butchers business, then you’ve come to the right place. At Stalwart Crafts, we supply a range of high quality leather aprons (including vegan leather) that are perfectly suited for butchery work.

All our aprons come with adjustable straps and are treated with a protective coating so that they are easy to maintain and clean. We also have optional extras available, such as personalisation options including embossing, engraving and metal tag engraving, so that you can customise and display your butchery’s branding clearly and proudly.

If you would like to learn more about the products we sell, the leather we use and the customisations we offer, or if you have any other enquiries, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.



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