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Why A Leather Menu Cover Is The Best Choice For Businesses?

There are many reasons why leather menu covers can be the wisest choice for your: restaurant, cafe or eatery. This blog shall explore the nine best reasons why leather menu covers are ideal for your business

1.  The Ability To Easy Clean Custom Menu Covers

When a menu cover is easy to clean it can make the restaurant or cafe or eatery’s efficiency increase. Being able to wipe down the menu on the go allows the menu to be physically clean and in a world where covid-19 is still prevalent, killing bacteria on items that many people handle on a daily basis from different households is vital. Not only is being able to clean the leather menu easily and quickly prevent the spread of illness. It also helps maintain the menu and therefore the entire establishment appears professional and clean. If a menu has food from the prior table over it, it can put customers off from enjoying their meal and making a return to the restaurant.

Impact upon Allergies

Also if you or a member of your party has allergies, an unclean menu can be potentially very dangerous for the person! According to the food standard agency in the UK, 600,000 individuals have coeliac disease, while an estimated two million people have a food allergy. This demonstrates how many people are affected by food allergies. You can find out more about food allergies and the importance of food cleanliness here.

2.  Reducing Your Business Plastic Waste

One of the main benefits of using leather for your menu holder rather than plastic is that although it does take a while, leather is biodegradable and plastic is not. As we are in a climate crisis is it vital to make decisions which will benefit the planet down to even what the covers of your menus are made from. According to the UK Parliament, five million tonnes of plastic are reportedly used annually in the UK, with packaging accounting for roughly half of this amount. When figures surrounding plastic waste are so vast it may feel as though it does not matter what your menu cover is made from, however, if we all took this view our planet would be in a further state of disarray than it already is. It is never too late to make decisions that not only benefit your business but also the planet.

3.  Is Your Leather Sustainably Sourced?

Although it is clear leather can biodegrade a lot quicker than plastic can, however asking yourself questions such as:

  • Is My Leather Sustainably Sourced?
  • Was the cow killed for the sole purpose of this Leather?
  • Is how the leather is produced in keeping with the sustainable theme?

So what is Sustainable leather? Sustainable leather is leather that is produced as a consequence of local agriculture and farming. Because the animals are bred primarily as farm animals rather than specifically for the goal of exploiting their leather for products, it is seen as more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Leather Production Sustainability

Leather producers, like the majority of global businesses, must consider the possible environmental effects of their operations. Reduced energy, water, chemical usage, air emissions, and reduced solid waste, wastewater, and wastewater treatment are all goals of responsible industrial practices.

4.  Professional Aesthetic Leather Menu

The aesthetics of your leather menu is essential, after looking at the interior of the restaurant or cafe, one of the first things you view at the eatery is the menu. If the menu is a portrayal of a half-hearted job, or dirty it does not entice one to order at that restaurant at all. At Stalwart UK. We use leather which is obtained from a specialised tannery and is robust enough to cover floors. Additionally, because the leather is strong and thick, it keeps the qualities of a hard menu cover while being tactile, bendable, and simple for your clients to handle. You can check out our leather menu covers here! High design never fails to captivate both men and women. High society has historically purchased a fine pair of leather shoes as an expression of its interest. Whatever you dress for a particular event, leather purses are in trend all year long and will draw notice from anybody. This theory can be used in Leather Menus as well.

5.  Why Customisation Is Key

In order to make sure you’re promoting your eatery at every opportunity, make sure the leather menu covers in your restaurant are branded with the logo in order to make sure that name of the restaurant sticks in their minds! It would be such a wasted opportunity if people visited your eatery some time ago and forgot the name of it and then were unable to attend again! Customisation allows companies to put their own mark on their leather menu covers, nobody wants the exact same menu cover as another restaurant, especially in an overcrowded industry a unique selling point is vital. At Stalwart Uk we understand the importance of personalisation for your business which is why we offer a free quote on the costs of customised leather menu covers!

6.  Leather Menu Colour Options

The colour of your leather menu cover matters! In order to tie your leather menu covers into the theme of your interior or the colour situated in your branding this is a great way to piece together an overall brand feel. At Stalwart UK not only do we offer a variety of leather menu covers we also offer a variety of leather bill presenters to match your leather menu covers perfectly in order to keep the professionalism of colour schemes at bay.

7.  The durability of the Leather Menu

One of the main benefits of a leather menu holder is how durable leather is over other fabrics or plastics. The menu holders may at first seem expensive yet placed in the context of if one opts for a cheaper option one may have to replace these holders constantly which means the material will end up in waste and you could even potentially be spending more overall on replacing these menu holders than if you’d just bought a high-quality option like ours at Stalwart in the first place. We are actually so confident in the durability of our products we offer a lifetime warranty on all our Stalwart products!

8.  Ethical Leather Usage

Another aspect to ponder when opting for a leather menu cover is whether the leather being used is ethically sourced or not. Organisations such as ‘Compassion in World Farming’. The campaign surrounding cows is called ‘Cows Belong in Fields’, they are striving to prevent all cows from being permanently kept alongside thousands of other cows, imprisoned in enormous sheds, and milked three times per day as they would be in mega-dairies. Instead, we want to ensure that all cows have access to fields and pastures. The UK is trying to guarantee that all cows there have access to pastures. So thinking about the lives of these cows prior to becoming leather is extremely important.

9.  Matching with Leather Placemats and Handcrafted Aprons

To further maintain professionalism you can go further than just employing sustainable and ethically sourced leather menu covers, you can also purchase leather placemats and handcrafted aprons to complement the menus. Creating a general tone or atmosphere is crucial when opening a restaurant. This entails making an effort to sway a customer’s perceptions in order to set them up for a satisfying dining experience. The proper use of colour in your environment is a part of this process. Colours may improve customer satisfaction, enhance appetite, promote table turnover, and give the impression that your eating area is larger. However, they may also have a negative impact on your consumers, therefore it’s critical to consider how the interior colour scheme of your restaurant communicates to customers. So making sure things match uphold an air of professionalism rather than haphazardly collecting different bits and pieces for your eatery.

At Stalwart UK, we have a variety of different products to make sure your business appears professional and the branding is visible on many of the business’s items. Not only do we aim to make your leather menu covers fashionable but we also recognise the significance of sustainability in sourcing the leather. To hear more about the sustainability of our products please contact us here.



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