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Review Stalwart Crafts Classic Leather Apron by Damian Turner

I like cooking, both in the kitchen and outside around a hot stove or BBQ, and most times I’m in my scruffs serving up belly busting tasty morsels and I don’t really care if my £5 shirt gets spattered with grease. There are of course times when I do care, and it’s during those occasions that I reach for my classic leather apron that Tim at Stalwart Crafts kindly sent me to review.

When it first arrived I tittered to myself, and if I’m honest thought a leather apron was a tad excessive. However, a few months down the line I reckon its proper blokey and it’s saved many a shirt from BBQ sparks and grease.

Made out of a rich but soft leather it’s lightweight and easy to clean. The ‘classic’ has plenty of quality features that make it stand out. There’s an adjustable leather neck strap with padding for extra comfort and an adjustable leather hip strap with buckle which makes it easy to adjust and wear. Attached to the side there’s also leather towel holder, which is quite a clever idea.

When reviewing something I usually find the odd design flaw, but I genuinely can’t here, it fits really well and has a quality feel about it, it’s surprisingly light too. On the occasions it’s been splattered with grease, or I’ve dribbled food down it, I simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and it’s as good as new.

As well as selling his wares to the likes of you and I, Tim’s aprons are also suitable for professional use, from chefs, waiters & waitresses to barbers and butchers and everyone else in between. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Muddy Madam steals it for her art and craft work as well as pottering around in the garden.

Of course it isn’t just fair trade leather, Stalwart Crafts also make aprons in denim and cork in different styles and sizes, too. There’s also a range of accessories, like cutlery and knife holders.

You may scoff at the price, and yes, £129.99 for an apron is a lot, but like any premium leather product, it should last you a lifetime, and as I often say about prices, ‘the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten’.

Damian Turner

Writer, Photographer & Product Reviewer Extraordinaire!



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