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Leather Knife Roll

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The dearest possession of any true chef is their knives.

There is no better way to look after something so sacred than to invest in our new handcrafted premium leather knife roll.

If you’re on the move, our chef knife roll will keep your knives organised, protected and pristine during transport.

We sat down with chefs from top London restaurants and picked their brains about what they would look for in the ideal knife roll.

We went through a process of trialling multiple models out of various leather types, thickness, and flexibility and with numerous pocket formats and layouts.

The knife roll that we now offer is the result – we see it as the perfect chef knife case.

  • Coated premium leather

  • Scratch and stain-proof

  • 5 Large compartments for knives

  • 2 small compartments for pen or chef’s pincers

  • Compact design for carrying around

  • Quick to unroll and easy to use

Delivery time: 1-3 working days

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We give Lifetime warranty on all our Stalwart products


We source our hides from end-of-life dairy cows from the UK, Italy, and Northern Europe when they are eventually butchered for their meat; these are hides that would otherwise go to waste. We then bring these hides to our tannery in Waalwijk, the Netherlands and tan them using a unique process that leads to very high-quality premium leather. Then, we cure and treat this leather to make it highly resistant to cutting, staining, and marking, before reinforcing the leather which will form the knife compartments – ensuring that this knife roll will be able to successfully protect your knives for life. Nonetheless the leather around the knives is kept soft, meaning our leather knife roll will keep your knives perfectly sharp in between uses.

We’ve decked our leather knife roll out with six slots: four compartments for large knives, one for a smaller knife and one for a sharpening steel. Even with all these compartments full, the flexibility of the leather allows our knife roll bag to pack up with no resistance into a handy size, perfect for placing in a satchel or backpack.

The fact that that we make each knife roll by hand and to order means that you have the ability to customise the knife roll to make it exclusively yours. You have the option to engrave a metal tag with your name or restaurant, or even the ability to have text, a logo or a pattern engraved into your chef knife roll. To do this our artisans use a laser to burn off the top layer of the leather with precision, before they meticulously go over the logo in a finish of your colour. This level of personalisation makes the knife roll a fantastic, thoughtful gift for any chef or cooking enthusiast in your life!

If you manage to get your chef knife roll dirty, the process of cleaning it couldn’t be any easier; because of the treatment of the leather all you must do is simply use a soft cloth with lukewarm water and perhaps some natural soap to wipe it down: a quick and simple process giving you more time to cook!

Not only is this knife roll useful for storing knives, but some of our more arty customers have also used them to store paintbrushes or sculpting tools as they travel between muses and idyllic locations!

Dimension leather knife / tool roll
Outer dimensions: 51 cm wide x 45 cm long
Knife slot 1: 7 cm x 45 cm
Knife slot 2: 7 cm x 45 cm
Knifeslot 3: 6 cm x 45 cm
Steel slot: 5 cm x 45 cm
Small knife slot: 4 x 45 cm
Pincer/ pen slot: 2.5 cm x 45 cm


Additional information

Dimensions 51 × 45 cm

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