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Heat Resistant Leather Gloves – Yellow

£49.99 inc. VAT (£41.66 excl. VAT)

Whether you’re welding, forging, or just tired of trying to handle pots and pans with cumbersome oven gloves, these all-rounder leather heat resistant gloves will be your new best friend. Designed to look like traditional forge gloves used for centuries, these heat resistant gloves are made from a stylish black suede sourced in Germany. They’re thick enough to protect your hands from intense heat, but flexible enough to keep your hands dexterous enough to pick up tools and kitchenware.

  • Premium suede leather

  • insulated for extra heat protection

  • Soft luxury feel and touch

  • Comes as a pair

Delivery time: 1-3 working days

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There’s no longer any need to choose between the safety of oven gloves and the ability to properly use your hands in the kitchen. Ever get forgetful while cooking and leave a metal serving spoon resting in a hot bubbling pot of stroganoff, only to pick it up and burn your hand with the searing metal handle? These heat resistant gloves will stop that from ever happening again. Tired of having to dance around the stove while frying in an attempt to save your hands and arms from the sizzling oil jumping at you? Grab a pair of these posh leather gauntlets and the only dancing you’ll be doing is in delight at how comfortable they are.

How about some more hardcore heat? These leather heat resistant gloves will protect you popping logs on a fire, welding sparks, soldering accidents and other high temperature activities. The seams on the gloves are covered to prevent them fraying under flame exposure making these leather heat proof gloves a really handy accessory to have around the workshop, firepit or man-cave.

Like all of our products, these leather heat proof gloves are crafted from responsibly sourced materials and made with durability in mind. These have been crafted to last, whether you look after them or not.



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Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 86 × 79 × 0.25 cm




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