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Cork BBQ and Kitchen Apron

£119.00 inc. VAT (£99.17 excl. VAT)

These are great kitchen aprons for men who prefer their handmade aprons animal free. We use sustainably harvested cork from Portugal combined with our premium leather belt or Vegan leather belts, depending on your preference for these beauties.  Much like our leather aprons, our Cork BBQ and Kitchen apron, is handmade, using sustainably sourced materials, clean easy and last for years. Our cork apron is perhaps the most underrated product we have. It is very flexible, light to wear and extremely tough, you will not be able to rip it or leave a stain on it! Even oil will simply drip off the apron; you will be simply amazed.

  • Unisex, one size fits all

  • Adjustable leather neck strap

  • Comfortable leather neck patch

  • Adjustable leather hip strap with buckle

  • Leather towel holder

  • Attachable leather pouch (not included)

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Metal name tag

Engrave logo on apron (business)

Additional products

Keep your apron in top condition by adding a pot of Stalwart Crafts Leather Conditioner.

Add a tailored carrying bag to your order, ideal for gifts or taking your apron to your next adventure!

Need more storage? This pouch can be attached on and off the towel strap of your apron.


Meet the king of sustainable kitchen aprons for men – Our Cork Kitchen and BBQ Apron.

These are the perfect kitchen aprons for men who love to barbecue.. Crafted from renewable cork and premium leather, these sustainable kitchen aprons are your new go-to cooking companion.

The lightweight cork is harvested in Portugal only once every 7 years per tree, promoting healthy forests. It’s then bonded using non-toxic adhesives to create an incredibly durable material perfect for kitchen aprons for men that can handle the heat and mess of cooking.

Despite its natural origins, our cork aprons have a surprisingly sleek aesthetic. The rich organic texture is offset beautifully by top-grain leather neck and waist straps for a polished finished look. Adjust these straps for a custom fit.

A handy front pocket fits grilling tools, oven mitts, meat thermometers and other cooking must-haves. Cork naturally withstands stains and spills – from marinades to olive oil drippings – keeping this kitchen apron for men looking like new after each use.

Sustainably Harvested:
Renewable cork is harvested just once per decade per tree.

Naturally Stain Resistant:
Durable cork withstands stains and spills while cooking and grilling.

Adjustable Leather Straps:
Customizable neck and waist straps allow a tailored fit.

Handsome Sleek Look:
The organic texture and leather accents create upscale style.

Front Tool Pocket:
Keep grill tongs, meat thermometers, oven mitts and tools handy.

An innovative sustainable choice, this cork kitchen apron for men proves eco-friendly can also be ruggedly stylish. The rich cork texture makes a bold sustainable statement while remaining spill and stain resistant when cooking messy barbecue or handling fresh-squeezed lemons.

Fully adjustable leather straps allow men to tailor the fit for comfort and protection during grilling or kitchen prep. The incredibly lightweight cork feels barely there against the body for unrestricted mobility.

Make an eco-conscious style choice while keeping clothes protected from stains and holes with the Cork Kitchen Apron for Men. It’s organic durability you can feel good about.

Men who love to cook and grill will appreciate how this kitchen apron keeps up with their busy lifestyle. Naturally stain-resistant cork shrugs off oil splatters, marinade drips, and spice splashes – wipe clean and it’s ready for the next meal.

The rich texture gives this kitchen apron for men an intriguing visual appeal, unlike flimsy disposable options. Durable enough for daily use, yet so lightweight you barely notice wearing it.

Adjustable premium leather straps ensure a secure customized fit, while the front pocket keeps grilling tongs, oven mitts and other necessities right at your fingertips. This is clever comfort and convenience designed for men behind the grill or stove.

Invest in an eco-friendly heirloom – a handsome kitchen apron for men made from natural organic materials like cork. Sustainable enough to pass down to future generations of home cooks and grillers.


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Weight 0.285 kg
Dimensions 86 × 64 × 0.15 cm


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