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Customer stories

Richard of Familyhomecook

Meet Richard of Familyhomecook – a true Stalwart to the core.

What makes you a Stalwart? I like to think that I’m very durable and, like a Stalwart leather apron, can handle the heat of the kitchen. Also, like the leather, and a fine wine, I can only get better with time!

How did it all start? My love for food and cooking started when my wife and I moved in together in 2002 and I happened to discover Jamie Oliver’s The Naked Chef on TV. At the time there was no one like him and I fell in love with cooking and food. I have Jamie Oliver to thank for lighting my fire!

What’s next? My goal is to make a living from food full time. I currently write restaurant reviews and do as much foodie stuff as possible, but to be able to do all of this as a career would be the dream

Tell us your life motto. Failure is your friend! There is nothing wrong with failing, failing is how you grow and learn, failing makes you stronger. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you learn new things all the time. Anything is possible and nothing is out of your reach.

What does cooking mean to you and your family?

Cooking is all about love and passion, and there’s nothing more loving than cooking for your children. It’s also a cool and fun way to spend time together, while teaching them about real food.


Head to Richards website – FamilyHomeCook – to find out more about Richard and to purchase his cookbook!



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