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Customer stories

Jason Bellord of Cure & Baste

Meet Jason Bellord of Cure & Baste (@cureandbaste) – a true Stalwart to the core.

What makes you a Stalwart? I’m a chef and purveyor of fruit and veg, a lover of open-fire cooking and traditional crafts.

How did you start? I got into cooking straight out of school, attending catering college in Hampshire and working my way through some great restaurants in Hampshire and London. I’d always had a love for open-fire cooking and when I went to Meatopia – the London food festival – for the first time, I got to see how the professionals did it! I was lucky enough to start working with Mark Parr of the London Log Company, who supplies kiln-dried wood and charcoal, working at festivals and private events – and I haven’t looked back since.

Coming up… More fire, more cooking!

Tell us your life motto Always respect the process.

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