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XL Cross Strap Leather Apron for BBQ – Rustic Leather

£195.00 incl. VAT
inc. VAT (£162.50 excl. VAT)

Introducing our XL leather apron for BBQ with cross straps. There’s a saying: never trust a skinny chef. We feel it translates to grill masters as well! This is our apron for the barrel-chested BBQ fiends who like to spend all day smoking delicious meats. We’ve added comfortable cross straps to our XL Leather Apron, making it a winner for wearing all day long with no discomfort. For those who want the gear to match their best BBQ ideas. This model is made out of our rustic leather: sturdy, traditional and great from shielding you from fire and grease alike.

  • Unisex

  • Made extra wide for full protection

  • Adjustable at 5 different points

  • Extra-wide cross straps for more comfort

  • 4 extra buckles on straps for better adjustment

  • Includes a large front pocket

  • Comfortable, clip-on braced cross straps.


Metal name tag

Engrave logo on apron (business)

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Introducing Our XL Rustic Leather Apron for BBQ – Built for Pitmasters

For barbecue fanatics who like to spend all day smoking meats, we present our XL Rustic Leather Apron for BBQ. Specially designed for barrel-chested grill masters, this leather apron for BBQ adds cross straps for shift-long comfort.

The ultra-wide dimensions provide fuller protection when cooking over an open flame. Despite the XL size, five adjustable points allow customizing the fit. Extra-wide cross straps contour comfortably with four buckles for a secure hold.

The convenient front pocket stores barbecue essentials like sauces, spices and tools right at your fingertips. For even more customized storage, attach our Leather Pouch accessory to hold larger gear or personal items.

Our classic Rustic leather reflects time-honored barbecue tradition. Thick and sturdy, this leather apron for BBQ takes on the deep patina of smoke and sauce as it cooks alongside you. Specially treated to withstand serious barbecue.

Fuller Protection: Extra-wide dimensions wrap around to shield more of your body from messy cooks.

Fully Adjustable:
Customize the fit with adjustable neck, waist and cross straps.

Heavy-Duty Cross Straps: Thick straps ensure shift-long comfort with multiple buckles for a secure hold.

Convenient Front Pocket: Keep rubs, sauces, tools close at hand in the handy front pocket.

Optional Leather Pouch:
Attach our pouch for additional storage of knives, gadgets or personal items. I promise it’s a total coincidence that it’s also the perfect size for a can of beer..

Rustic Barbecue Leather:
Classic hearty leather gains character as it lives the barbecue lifestyle alongside you.

This isn’t just an apron, it’s body armor for dedicated pitmasters ready to smoke all day and night. The thick Rustic leather can withstand serious barbecue, while adjustable details ensure a custom fit tailored to your frame.

Once you get the straps adjusted to your sweet spot, you may even forget you’re wearing this apron as you zone in on wood smoke and sizzle. The hardy leather forms to your body over time, becoming a natural extension of your barbecue craft.

Tweak the custom leather cross straps until the XL Apron for BBQ hugs you just right. Then get ready to focus on the smoked meats and good company – not your gear. This is comfort that frees you to perfect the flavors.

Bring rugged heritage style into your barbecue life with our XL Rustic Leather Apron for BBQ. Get equipped to handle even the messiest, smokiest grill sessions while looking like a time-tested pro. This is the gear to match your passion.

Whether hosting a backyard cookout or competing on the smoking circuit, the Rustic Leather Apron for BBQ has your back. The thick durable hide laughs off splatters and stains as it gains character. Adjustable straps ensure it fits like a glove tailored to you.

Multiple convenient pockets and optional pouches keep all your sauces, spices, tools, and gadgets handy for barbecue emergencies. This is an apron equipped with everything you need to ace those briskets or ribs every time.

Tie on this rugged leather apron for bbq and step up your live-fire game. You supply the secret rubs and killer recipes – and leave the mess to your gear.


Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 86 × 79 × 0.3 cm

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