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Vegan leather short waist apron – Apple leather

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Give your front of house a professional, stylish look, without compromising on your principles with this short waist apron made from innovative apple leather.

More stylish, durable, and easier to clean than your run-of-the-mill cotton apron, this uniform will stand you apart from other restaurants, hotels and cafes, and your front of house will love how light and comfortable they are.

• Unisex – one size fits all.
• Easily adjustable waist strap with buckle
• Get your logo engraved onto the apron to make it truly unique.
• Vegan Leather made from apple pulp and recycled plastic.
• Made entirely from by-products and waste materials, making it extremely environmentally friendly.
• Comes in an array of different vibrant colours.

Metal name tag

Engrave logo on apron (business)

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We’ve taken the traditional short waist apron, loved across the world as a symbol of high-quality front of house service and put a modern twist on it by making it out of apple leather. The apron has a pocket on the front, great for holding a card reader, or notepad. To wear it you must simply fasten it around your waist using the belt and buckle attached. The belt is highly adjustable, allowing the apron to be worn by people of all genders and sizes.

The reason that apple pulp can be made into an effective renewable leather substitute, is because of the high cellulose content. This is a molecule found in abundance in the cell wall of plant cells. The cell walls are responsible for the structure and rigidity of plants. The cellulose lends this natural strength to the finished material.

The material itself is produced by taking the apple pomace and skins that are left over from the Italian juice industry, drying them, and pulverising it into a powder with a unique process, ensuring that it remains clean and pure. Proteins are added to enhance the mass which is then mixed in equal parts with recycled polyurethane, coloured and poured onto the under layer made of cotton and recycled polyester. Thus, our apple leather is born. As a material it has a sixth of the environmental impact of your average leather, according to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index.

Each of our apple leather aprons are made to order by hand so you can create your own personalised apron to make it unique to you. First, choose from our myriad of colours. We can then attach a metal tag with your name or company at the top of the apron or engrave your name into the towel strap.

On top of this, we can engrave any pattern, logo, or name into the apple leather apron just for you, simply upload the image when you order to own a truly personalised apron – unlike any other in the world. To do this we burn the logo into top layer of material on the apron with a laser before hand-painting over it in the colour of your choosing, creating an elegant finish. Once you’ve ordered we’ll get in touch and work with you to get the perfect design before we send the order to our craftspeople.

Our vegan leather aprons are extremely easy to clean. The production technique and coating of our apple leather renders it water and stain proof. Because of this coating, when your leather apron gets dirty you need only wipe it down with a soft cloth and lukewarm water – perhaps with some natural soap if it’s extremely soiled.


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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 30 × 65 × 0.25 cm

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