Leather Conditioner

£9.00 Inc. Vat incl. VAT
(£7.50 excl. VAT)

Treat your leather apron well and it will last a lifetime..
We advice to treat your leather apron with our natural based leather conditioner and your apron will stay moist, supple and protected.

Gently apply the leather conditioner once a month or after a thorough clean using a cloth or sponge.
Leave it for 15 min so the leather can soak up the conditioner.
Gently wipe the aprons with a clean cloth afterwards.

This will keep your leather apron protected and ready for another day!


  • Keeps your leather in top condition
  • Prevents leather from drying out
  • Makes it easier to clean leather


Keep your leather in top condition by adding a pot of Leather conditioner that we recommend.