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Leather Butchers Pouch

£45.00 incl. VAT
inc. VAT (£37.50 excl. VAT)

Sturdy leather butchers pouch for any belt or the Stalwart apron range. Handmade from our premium leather.

The Stalwart Crafts leather pouch is great to carry your valuables whilst keeping them safe, secure and within easy reach while you work. The pouch is designed to attach to our complete range of aprons and best of all; it is extremely comfortable to wear!

The pouch includes a smaller pocket on the front and a security ring to attach a chain for wallet or keys

  • Includes a smaller pocket on the front

  • Made with two press-buttons to easily attach to any belt

  • Includes a security ring to attach a chain for wallet or keys

The Leather Pouch comes in 4 colours: Whiskey, Brown, Black, Green
The Whiskey coloured pouch matches brown leather straps on our apron while the black one matches the black straps found on our Jack the Ripper colour Aprons.

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The Ultimate Leather Butchers Pouch – Organize Your Essentials

As a butcher, keeping your tools and necessities organized is critical for efficient work. That’s why we designed the Leather Butchers Pouch – the ultimate organizer tailored for butchers.

Handcrafted from premium leather, this leather butchers pouch attaches to any apron or belt. Two sturdy press-buttons allow you to securely fasten the leather butchers pouch to the towel strap on the waist of all of our apron models.

The main compartment of the leather butchers pouch provides ample space to organize your most used tools. Store knives, thermometers, pens and other essentials in the pouch so they are close at hand when needed.

An additional front pocket on the leather butchers pouch is perfect for small items like phones or notepads. The included security ring allows you to attach keys or a wallet chain, keeping valuables secure in the pouch.

This leather butchers pouch is available in four classic colour options to match or accent your apron. The pouches are made form our rustic leather, so will match their colour counterparts from that range. If you’re looking for a pouch for the deluxe range, we’d suggest the whiskey pouch, as it matches the straps on the apron, providing a great colour coordination. For the Jack the Ripper colour rustic aprons the straps are black, so we’d suggest the black pouch for a great combination.

With its versatility, wear the leather butchers pouch on your apron while working, or attach it to any normal belt. This organizer simplifies your work by keeping essentials organized and close by.

Secure Press-Button Fastening: Two sturdy press-buttons allow you to securely attach the leather butchers pouch to any apron or belt.

Main Compartment for Tools: The angled compartment neatly organizes your most used tools for grab-and-go access.

Additional Front Pocket:
An extra front pocket stows small essentials like phones, notepads or business cards.

Security Ring for Valuables: Attach wallets, keys or ID chains to the ring for safe keeping during work.

Versatile Wear: Wear the leather butchers pouch on your apron or belt for convenience.

This leather butchers pouch takes organization to the next level by neatly stowing tools in intricately designed compartments. No more fumbling for items or frantic searches.

The angled main compartment keeps your most used tools organized for easy access. The additional front pocket provides space for small essentials you need close by.

Choose from four classic colour options to match your apron and style. Streamline your work with the Leather Butchers Pouch – the ultimate butcher’s organizer.


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 6 cm

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