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Bistro Apron – Deluxe Leather

£118.80 incl. VAT
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Are you looking for a short waist bistro apron that looks fantastic on anyone, regardless of their shape, size, or gender?

We’re talking everyone: from the young girl helping on the weekend to the large bloke who refuses to move from behind the tap. If so, the bistro waist leather apron is the one for you.

More stylish, durable, and easier to clean than your run-of-the-mill cotton apron, this uniform will stand you apart from other restaurants, hotels and cafes, and your front of house will love how light and comfortable they are.

  • Unisex – one size fits all, and we mean all.

  • Easily adjustable waist strap with buckle

  • Get your logo engraved onto the apron to make it truly unique.

  • Leather from the dairy industry, a by-product that would otherwise go to waste.

  • Comes in an array of different colours.


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Our Deluxe Leather Bistro Apron – Effortless Style for All

Want a polished bistro apron that looks fantastic on any body shape or size? Look no further than our Deluxe Leather Bistro Apron. This sleek apron provides sophisticated style for your entire front house staff.

Crafted from ultra-soft Italian leather, our bistro apron shapes elegantly around men and women of all builds. The lightweight material and adjustable waist strap create a comfortable custom fit for any employee, from host to server to bartender.

The supple leather looks far more upscale than a basic cotton apron, while also being more durable and easier to clean. Elevate your establishment’s image with this bistro apron made to impress.

Our Deluxe leather is a very soft, ultra-light leather, that your staff will adore. Like the rest of our deluxe range, we bring this full-grain leather in from a tannery in Italy that exclusively uses hides sustainably sourced from end-of-life dairy cows. Then, we cure and treat this leather to make it highly resistant to cutting, staining, and marking, resulting in a highly protective apron that wears like cashmere and lasts you a lifetime.

Sleek, Sophisticated Look: Styled to enhance any uniform with slick, upscale aesthetics.

Ultra-Soft Premium Leather: Conforms comfortably to any body type for men and women alike.

Fully Adjustable Waist Strap: Find your perfect custom fit with the buckled leather strap.

Get It Engraved: Add a name, logo or design for unique personalized bistro aprons.

Sustainably Sourced: Made from Italian leather using hides from end of life dairy cows that would otherwise go to waste.

Array of Colour Choices: Available in an assortment of classic colour options to match any décor.

This bistro apron proves sophistication doesn’t have to mean stiffness. The premium Italian leather is specially tanned to achieve an incredible softness and flexibility that moves with you. Your staff will forget they’re even wearing an apron.

The adjustable waist strap includes a buckle so each employee can tweak the size for a custom contouring fit. No more loose, floppy aprons. Find that ideal positioning and it will stay perfectly in place.

Our bistro apron has a built in towel strap on the hip, perfect for slinging over a serviette for serving wine, or a cleaning cloth as you wipe down tables. The towel strap also allows you to attach our leather pouch to the apron, perfect for holding a PDQ machine, notepad, waiter’s friend or anything else that your front of house would want ready at hand.

Make your establishment truly unique by adding engraved logos, names or designs to the bistro aprons. Your front house staff will love the personalized touch.

Nothing slows down service like spills and stains. But our specially treated leather resists marks from food, drinks and grease. A quick wipe down with a damp, warm cloth – perhaps with a bit of natural soap – keeps the Bistro Apron looking fresh and professional all day or night. Want to spruce your aprons up for a big event? Give them a once over with our leather conditioner and they’ll look better than new.

Offer your team effortless style and your guests polished service with our Deluxe Leather Bistro Apron. No matter their shape or size, this apron makes anyone look fantastic and professional.



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