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The Bill Presenter

£36.00 incl. VAT
inc. VAT (£30.00 excl. VAT)

This well-made, handcrafted bill presenter is the perfect finishing touch to impress your customers at the end of their dining experience. The two inner pockets are open on the inner corners, making it quick and easy for you to slide in the bill and business cards, the leather is hard-wearing, ensuring a smart, long-lasting addition to your business kit.

  • 100% premium leather

  • The hard cover is made from three layers, creating a sturdy product

  • Very long-life expectation

  • Leather is coated and easy to clean

  • Two inner pockets for bill and business cards

  • Bespoke branding by embossing or engraving

Embossing logo

* We create a metal stamp of your logo which we then press under heat into the leather for an authentic look and feel. * This stamp can be used as many times as we want, also for future orders. * Embossing colours: all colours are Available which you can let us know after receiving your order. * Before we proceed, you will receive a digital sample for approval.

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We give Lifetime warranty on all our Stalwart products


Choose a Stalwart Crafts bill presenter for a product that will stand the test of time and keep on impressing each customer that comes to dine with you.

Size guide:
Closed 12 x 20 cm
Open 24 x 20 cm
Max measurements of bill/business card 19 x 10 cm
Actual Pocket size 4 x 10 cm


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

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