LASER Engraving 

With our laser engraving service we can engrave the logo or text straight into the leather. Using this technique, we can brand larger logo’s and get every detail of the logo clear and sharp.

We can engrave directly on our leather and cork aprons, or on a leather patch attached to the apron.

On our denim aprons it’s only possible to attach a leather patch, on which can then engrave your logo or text.

Engraving Choices


As an extra addition we can engrave your logo with white paint!

Recommended option for black leather

This is a great addition when engraving on darker colours as it makes the logo clearly visible and more eye catching.

White Engraving On Black Leather 5

How does it work

On the product page of your apron of choice, you will find a customisation button, just follow the instructions there.

To make a good quality engraving or embossing we need a vector based image file, such as a PDF or EPS-file.

Before we start you will receive a digital sample of how your logo or text is going to look on your apron of choice.

Only when you are happy with the design we will start to personalise your apron(s).

The costs of your customisation will be calculated automatically within our customiser, at checkout the total costs will be shown.

Large Quantities

For orders over 20 aprons it becomes cheaper to use embossing instead of laser guided engraving. Embossing entails creating a metal stamp of your logo, which we can then use to press your logo into a large quantity of aprons. This stamp can be saved and used for future orders as well. This service is available for our leather, denim and cork collection. If you are interested in this technique contact us directly.