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Leather barbers aprons

Take Pride in your trade

When it’s your job to take care of your customers and help them look their very best, you also need to look good yourself. Whether cutting, styling or grooming your client’s hair, and putting the world to rights while you’re at it, you need the right kit to see you through your busy days.

Professional look | If a passer-by walks past your ship and sees your staff dressed to the nines in some smart, bespoke leather aprons, they’re immediately going to assume you’re a top quality establishment. If that passer-by happens to be in need of a haircut, you may have just won some new business. 

Workwear | Choose a smart Stalwart Crafts premium leather barbers apron you’ll have a trusted workwear companion, day-in, day-out. You are passionate about your skills; being a barber is not just a job, it’s a way of life, and our leather barbers aprons will enhance you and your team’s lifestyle completely. Our handmade full-length leather aprons will bring a smart professional edge to your barber’s team kit – in hardwearing material that screams sophistication and can only look better with age.

Why choose Stalwart Craft's leather barbers aprons for your team?

– They’re smart, lightweight, and easy to wear – you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing one!

– Long-lasting; invest in one apron per staff member for the rest of their career – hair will wipe straight off them with no need for intensive cleaning.

– Have your barber shop logo branded on the apron – we have a variety of personalisation options, from something subtle like a branded metal tag at the top, through to an apron will engravings from top to bottom, if you’d like!

– Have your team member’s name branded on a metal tag on the chest – make your staff feel truly part of the team by giving them a personalised apron. Worried that your aprons will outlast your staff? You’re probably right, given how stress proof our aprons are, but there’s no need to fret. We can use replaceable metal tags so that the same apron can continue to serve your new recruits.

– A range of colours to choose from – We’ll make you an apron that fits right in with your branding. Your customers will remember you and only you from your leather barbers aprons

– All our aprons are adjustable, from Small to XL – You’ll have uniform aprons that make all your staff look good, regardless of their build.

– Easy to keep clean and maintain, just wipe clean with a cloth and lukewarm water –

Enjoy our benefits

Hygienic and protective

Our leather is coated with an extra protective layer, making it easy to clean time after time by simply wiping down and using an anti-bacterial spray. Your leather barbers apron will look smart and professional, day after day.

Looking good for longer

Due to the frequent washing, cotton aprons will wear out and the colour and branding fade. Stalwart Crafts leather aprons, however, improve with age. The leather moulds to the shape of the body and looks more authentic and characterful the longer you wear it, with your branding remaining sharp and clear.

Light and flexible

We’ve experimented to find a type of leather that’s light and comfortable enough to wear all day, but also extremely durable so it forms an extra skin around your body. It is flexible enough for you not to feel obstructed in your work. In fact, it’s like wearing an ordinary cotton apron, but with a little more body.

Safe money

The initial costs for leather barbers aprons might be higher than regular designs, but you’ll save money over time. Standard cotton aprons need to be washed every day and laundry bills can become a serious overhead. However, our leather aprons have an extra protective layer, making them quick and easy to keep clean.

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